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Be inspired to become an office volunteer!

Become an Office Volunteer for CAFOD! It is a great way to get involved in your community and see how the results of your work can make an impact. Develop new skills, meet new people, and help out your community and CAFOD! Hear from two of our office volunteers on what it entails

Becoming an office volunteer is an easy process and allows for a flexible schedule. The responsibilities of an office volunteer may include data entry, handling correspondence via email and telephone, and collaborating with volunteer coordinators to support other volunteers. Without our office volunteers CAFOD would not be able to accomplish as much as we do.

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Hear from Office Volunteer Natalie

Office Volunteer Natalie exploring the Southwark Diocese!

Office Volunteer Natalie exploring the Southwark Diocese!

Natalie has been interning with us since August. She is an American student studying in London for the fall semester. Hear from her perspective as an office volunteer,

“I love being an office volunteer, I have learned so much! The schedule has been really flexible with my studies and CAFOD is willing to work with me to find the times that work best. I have gained new office skills. I was able to practice and improve my public speaking skills as I gave one of the Fast Day talks in a parish. CAFOD gave me all the resources to give a successful speech. I have also developed great communication skills as I have corresponded with parish volunteers through emails and phone calls to help them find the resources necessary for Harvest Family Fast Day. I have also developed my communication and teamwork skills in CAFOD because we work on a lot of projects together, give each other feedback, and help encourage each other’s growth. It is so nice to learn from all ages of volunteers who have different levels of experience and knowledge because they bring new ideas and perspectives that I would never have thought of before. How inspiring it is that they volunteer with us during the day and sacrifice their time! 

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“Share the Journey” in Clapham Common

Maria Chiara is a journalist from Italy. She has been volunteering in CAFOD’s communication team for one month. Last week-end she got the opportunity to join St Mary’s “Share the Journey” walk in Clapham Common. She is telling us all about it.

Last Saturday I joined Ruth and the others CAFOD supporters at St. Mary Church in Clapham, for a Share the Journey parish walk. The sunny weather helped our walk and shared reflections on refugees. We walked one mile around Clapham common.

Share the Journey: a time to meet a new parish community

Maria Chiara (on the left) with Ruth, CAFOD St Mary's parish Volunteer after the Share the journey walk in Clapham Common.

Maria Chiara (on the left) with Ruth, CAFOD St Mary’s parish Volunteer after the Share the journey walk in Clapham Common.

First of all my journey started with meeting the Redemptorists fathers from the local community: Fr Casper, Fr Richard and Brother Michael. I was also really happy to meet people from the parish community. We were twenty people in total to walk in solidarity with refugees. I felt so welcomed by the Priests and the local community. I could feel their loving care and they were genuinely interested in what I had to say.  I wished refugees could feel the same when they arrive to a new community/country.

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Join us on a trip to COP24 in Poland

CAFOD Campaigners at climate talks in Paris 2015

CAFOD Campaigners at climate talks in Paris 2015

Are you interested in Climate Change . Would you like to make a difference? If so we are looking for campaigners to join our delegation to the UN Climate Change summit in Poland from 5th to 11th December.

Apply now for your place 

If we are serious about tackling poverty and improving lives, we need to be serious about climate change. We have already made great strides in campaigning to tackle it. During our One Climate, One World campaign in 2015, campaigners encouraged world leaders to sign the ground-breaking Paris Climate Agreement. This agreement commits countries to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees, ideally 1.5 degrees. We now need to make sure world leaders follow through with the promises they’ve made in Paris, and make sure they go further, and faster when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As a CAFOD delegate, you will be travelling by coach 5-11 December to Katowice and Krakow Poland, where the climate talks will be held. This will be an opportunity to learn about the decision-making process, hear from other campaigners across Europe on living sustainably and campaigning on climate change, reflect on partner stories and bear witness with others for change.

When you return, we’ll ask you to share your experience with your parish or community through talks, blogs and local media. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, we will provide training before you go. And most importantly we’ll ask you to be a leader in taking action in your communities, so that we can protect communities overseas from climate change.

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