A ‘Big Share’ this Christmas

Christmas is a time many of us all look forward to. An opportunity to get together with those we may not see at other times of the year, and enjoy the inevitable too much eating, too much drinking, and too much being merry!

However, before we break for the festive period, here’s a Big Share story to encourage us to take a moment to think of those who are less fortunate as we sit down for dinner this Christmas Day.

In November, students at Sacred Heart School in Camberwell took part in the Big Share, completing a weeklong school fundraising initiative to raise awareness of food poverty in developing countries.

Sacred Heart Students - Michael, Timothy, Elvira, Filmon

Year 12 Sacred Heart Students – Michael, Timothy, Elvira, Filmon

Year 12 students, Timothy, Michael, Filmon and Elvira, devised a lunch menu for fellow pupils and staff alike, using recipes from Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Each day had a different theme, and was accompanied with a newsletter that the students had produced to help explain the issues surrounding world hunger and food production.

Year 12 student Michael Asolo said: “We decided to work with CAFOD because of the worldwide status that CAFOD has helping the poor and giving short and long term aid for farmers in developing countries. The Big Share gave us the chance to educate younger students in our school on the hardships people face on a daily basis in other countries.”

“By the end of the week, we wanted pupils to reflect on the poverty and lack of food in other parts of the world. In this way, they were able to empathise with a situation they would never have to face given that they live in a privileged country like England.”

Alongside the lunchtime dishes, the four sixth formers also ran a cake stall, where students had the chance to learn more about the ‘Big Share’, whilst buying some tasty treats.

Religious Education teacher Mr White added: “I was very impressed with the maturity, generosity and thoughtfulness that our students showed. It is great to see young people thinking about the world as a whole and putting their faith in action. Students are now constantly approaching me with ideas on how we can continue the charity work we do with CAFOD at school.”