Get inspired by St Mary’s World Gifts celebration.

Unsure what to get someone this holiday season? Consider putting a smile on everyone’s face by purchasing a world gift. See how St. Mary’s organised a bake sale to purchase a community water supply World Gift. By advertising CAFOD‘s World Gifts, we can change the lives of those in need.

parish coffee

St. Mary’s coffee team enjoying Irish Coffees at their wonderous bake sale!

This past weekend, St. Mary’s in Clapham hosted a bake sale for World Gifts! All the proceeds are going towards a fund for a water supply for an entire community! This is a great way to get the whole parish involved and raise money for World Gifts. St. Mary’s sold cakes, brownies and all kinds of desserts that were enjoyed by all. They also had a coffee team on duty who were mixing delicious coffee to enjoy with their desserts. This is an amazing way to bring people together for the holidays and positively change communities.

A community water supply will cost £750, and will supply a constant source of clean water for many people. One example of this World Gift in action was in Uganda when CAFOD was able to fix a waterhole, provide the training and the necessary tools to Cecilia’s community with the proceeds from CAFOD’s community water gift. Cecilia says, “Now we have enough water for food, to clean ourselves and our clothes, and for our animals to drink.” World Gifts such as these will have a lasting impact and can change the lives of many.

Congratulations to St. Mary’s in Clapham, they raised over £600 at their bake sale! This is fantastic!

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“Share the Journey” in Clapham Common

Maria Chiara is a journalist from Italy. She has been volunteering in CAFOD’s communication team for one month. Last week-end she got the opportunity to join St Mary’s “Share the Journey” walk in Clapham Common. She is telling us all about it.

Last Saturday I joined Ruth and the others CAFOD supporters at St. Mary Church in Clapham, for a Share the Journey parish walk. The sunny weather helped our walk and shared reflections on refugees. We walked one mile around Clapham common.

Share the Journey: a time to meet a new parish community

Maria Chiara (on the left) with Ruth, CAFOD St Mary's parish Volunteer after the Share the journey walk in Clapham Common.

Maria Chiara (on the left) with Ruth, CAFOD St Mary’s parish Volunteer after the Share the journey walk in Clapham Common.

First of all my journey started with meeting the Redemptorists fathers from the local community: Fr Casper, Fr Richard and Brother Michael. I was also really happy to meet people from the parish community. We were twenty people in total to walk in solidarity with refugees. I felt so welcomed by the Priests and the local community. I could feel their loving care and they were genuinely interested in what I had to say.  I wished refugees could feel the same when they arrive to a new community/country.

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