Religious lobby of Parliament 2013


Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, and international development minister, Alan Duncan, were among over 50 MPs and researchers who met hundreds of priests, nuns, friars and vicars, to call for action on global hunger in a mass lobby of parliament in support of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

The video below gives a taster of the day!

This lobby is just the start, however! Next month the G8 arrives in the UK, giving us a real opportunity to tell world leaders to act.

What can we do?

G8 leaders are coming to the UK. Come to London and tell them to act on global hunger.

On 8 June, CAFOD will join with the other IF campaign members in London. The day will start with an ecumenical service with Archbishop Vincent Nichols, followed by a huge rally in Hyde Park with music, speeches and fun activities for all the family. We’d love you to join us for all of the day, or for any part of it you can come to.

For more information, or to sign up, please visit the website hereand don’t miss this opportunity to take action on global hunger.

IF Campaign G8 Rally: resources

If you’re trying to encourage people in your Parish, School or group to join you at the IF Campaign G8 Rally on the 8th June, to help put a stop to global hunger, then there are lots of resources to help you!

You could start by making a Big IF. Creating your Big IF as a group, sending in your photo to us and displaying it for all to see, may get more people excited about the IF Campaign Rally. You can download a guide on how to make your Big IF here>>>

(P.S. Check out these for inspiration!)

You could also download and display the eye catching poster >>>


Perhaps there’s somewhere in your local community – or a place that your group meet – that you could display it?

Or you could give a short talk about the G8 Rally to really get people enthused! You can download our suggested text >>> or you can write your own – it’s up to you.

For more information and event details you can also direct people to the CAFOD website

IF if

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire]

8 world leaders. 8 June. Our chance to stop 1 in 8 people going hungry. Let’s get us many people on board as possible!

Enough Food IF

Last week we told you about the ‘Spot the George’ event for the Enough Food IF campaign. This week we tell you what the campaign is all about!

IF yellow box

It’s unfair, it’s unjust and it’s totally preventable.

That’s why nearly 100 leading charities, including CAFOD, want to make 2013 the beginning of the end of the global hunger crisis.

IF we all get together, we can make world leaders change the future by tackling four big IFs:

  • TRANSPARENCY IF we force governments and big corporations to be honest and open about the deals they make in the poorest countries that stop people getting enough food.
  • AID IF governments keep their promises on aid, invest to stop children dying from hunger and help the poorest people feed themselves through investment in small farmers.
  • LAND IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and use crops to feed people not fuel cars
  • TAX IF governments stop big companies dodging taxes in poor countries, so that millions of people can free themselves from hunger.

We can press our leaders to make these big IFs happen, and IF they do, there really will be enough food for everyone.

We’ll be asking people to petition the Prime Minister to use his presidency of the G8 summit to take a lead on combating hunger.

To see how you can get involved, or to find out more information, visit the CAFOD website here.

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