An invation to join CAFOD Southwark at the Big IF G8 Rally

The Big If G8 Rally on the 8th June is fast approaching and we are getting excited about the great day that has been planned – and we hope you are too!

We would love to see you at the BIG IF Rally, so Eileen and Sarah from the Southwark office have put together some details below about how the day will go. And don’t forget, if you are coming with a group you can make your own Big IF, using your Hungry for Change Loaves and Fishes, to bring along to the rally and display in the CAFOD area at Hyde Park!

You can down load a guide on how to make you Big IF on the CAFOD Website>>>

The day

It kicks off with an Ecumenical Service held at Westminster Central Hall, with Archbishop Vincent Nichols joining us to worship and pray. The service begins at 11.30am, but doors open at 10.30am so you can arrive early to get a seat.

After the service we will gather outside Westminster Central Hall at about 12.30pm. We will have a CAFOD Southwark Banner/ Placard, and we welcome you to meet up with us so, together, we can begin the ‘Walk of Witness’ from Westminster Central Hall to Hyde Park. The Walk will start at 1pm and we hope to arrive at Hyde Park by 2pm for the main event.

We will gather with thousands of other fellow CAFOD supporters from around the country in Hyde Park at 2pm for music, inspiring speakers, and activities for all the family, finishing at 5pm.

The Hyde Park event will have interactive areas set up throughout the site, including a children’s area with professional story-tellers, dedicated areas for YouTubers and bloggers, and a ‘Make IF Happen’ area with busking, spoken word, and fun photo opportunities.

We will also be treated to inspirational speeches from philanthropist Bill Gates, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky. The event will be hosted by Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones.

There will also be opportunity for everyone at the event to help create a huge visual petition to demonstrate the scale of public support for the IF campaign. The petition will be made up of 250,000 spinning flowers, with a total of two million petals representing the two million children who die because of hunger each year.

If you would like to come along, please do get in touch – we would really love to know how many CAFOD supporters will be joining us on the 8th June at The Big IF G8 Rally, so if you are planning on coming then please sign up online.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Eileen and Sarah

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire]

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire]

Beautiful animation by artist and CAFOD supporter, Sasha Langford

Lend A Hand to Fight Hunger on June 8.

Today we share with you an exclusive new short film by artist and CAFOD supporter, Sasha Langford.

Sasha’s film is inspired by CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign, and reflects on the fact that 870 million people are going hungry in the world every day. As Sasha’s film says, if all those people were to hold hands, the line would go around the world not just once, but more than twenty times.

For more information about the Rally and about Sasha’s experience with CAFOD, make sure you visit the CAFOD website.

IF Campaign G8 Rally: resources

If you’re trying to encourage people in your Parish, School or group to join you at the IF Campaign G8 Rally on the 8th June, to help put a stop to global hunger, then there are lots of resources to help you!

You could start by making a Big IF. Creating your Big IF as a group, sending in your photo to us and displaying it for all to see, may get more people excited about the IF Campaign Rally. You can download a guide on how to make your Big IF here>>>

(P.S. Check out these for inspiration!)

You could also download and display the eye catching poster >>>


Perhaps there’s somewhere in your local community – or a place that your group meet – that you could display it?

Or you could give a short talk about the G8 Rally to really get people enthused! You can download our suggested text >>> or you can write your own – it’s up to you.

For more information and event details you can also direct people to the CAFOD website

IF if

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire]

8 world leaders. 8 June. Our chance to stop 1 in 8 people going hungry. Let’s get us many people on board as possible!