IF you need help finding your way…

Big IF Rally

Thousands of enthusiastic campaigners at the Big IF:G8 Rally in Hyde Park could make it confusing for finding your way to the CAFOD area and other key places at the event, so make sure you download and print these useful maps to bring with youon the day:

Map of Hyde Park showing where the location of the Big IF main stage and also the Campaign Zone where lots of exciting activities will be taking place

Map showing the location of the CAFOD area within the Campaign Zone

IF Campaign G8 Rally: resources

If you’re trying to encourage people in your Parish, School or group to join you at the IF Campaign G8 Rally on the 8th June, to help put a stop to global hunger, then there are lots of resources to help you!

You could start by making a Big IF. Creating your Big IF as a group, sending in your photo to us and displaying it for all to see, may get more people excited about the IF Campaign Rally. You can download a guide on how to make your Big IF here>>>

(P.S. Check out these for inspiration!)

You could also download and display the eye catching poster >>>


Perhaps there’s somewhere in your local community – or a place that your group meet – that you could display it?

Or you could give a short talk about the G8 Rally to really get people enthused! You can download our suggested text >>> or you can write your own – it’s up to you.

For more information and event details you can also direct people to the CAFOD website

IF if

[Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire]

8 world leaders. 8 June. Our chance to stop 1 in 8 people going hungry. Let’s get us many people on board as possible!

IF Campaign event: G8 Rally

 g8 rally

8 world leaders. 8 June. Your chance to stop 1 in 8 people going hungry.

Join us on the 8th June and add your voice to the thousands of others campaigning as part of Enough Food for Everyone IF to show the G8 world leaders the need for urgent action to bring about  an end to Global Hunger.

The day will begin with prayer, worship and commitment to action at an ecumenical service, led by Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Bishop John Arnold, at 11.30am in Westminster Central Hall.

At 12.30pm, CAFOD Supporters will join together in a ‘Walk of Witness’ making our way from Westminster Central Hall to London’s Hyde Park for the main event.

Gates at the main event will open at 1pm for a 2pm start and during the afternoon, you will be able to join a vast symbolic action, enjoy live music, listen to big name speakers and experience an amazing, unforgettable atmosphere. There will be lots of activities for all ages so please bring your whole family! Sign up to the event here >>

To turn up the heat and make sure David Cameron goes to Northern Ireland with our demands ringing in his ears, we encourage you to bring along a pot or pan to use to make a huge noise for all those living in hunger around the world. To make an even bigger impact you could get together in a group to create a Big IF that you can bring along to display on the day. Download a guide to making your Big IF here>>

Please spread the word to everyone you know who may want to join us at the biggest event of the year. You can download a poster here>> to promote the event in your Church, School or group and help to make 2013 the beginning of the end of world hunger.

If you want anymore information about going to the G8 Rally, or if you want to order IF t-shirts or wrist bands, please get in contact with us at the CAFOD Southwark Office by email: southwark@cafod.org.uk or Tel: 02084 66 99 01