IF you need help finding your way…

Big IF Rally

Thousands of enthusiastic campaigners at the Big IF:G8 Rally in Hyde Park could make it confusing for finding your way to the CAFOD area and other key places at the event, so make sure you download and print these useful maps to bring with youon the day:

Map of Hyde Park showing where the location of the Big IF main stage and also the Campaign Zone where lots of exciting activities will be taking place

Map showing the location of the CAFOD area within the Campaign Zone

Beautiful animation by artist and CAFOD supporter, Sasha Langford

Lend A Hand to Fight Hunger on June 8.

Today we share with you an exclusive new short film by artist and CAFOD supporter, Sasha Langford.

Sasha’s film is inspired by CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign, and reflects on the fact that 870 million people are going hungry in the world every day. As Sasha’s film says, if all those people were to hold hands, the line would go around the world not just once, but more than twenty times.

For more information about the Rally and about Sasha’s experience with CAFOD, make sure you visit the CAFOD website.

Religious lobby of Parliament 2013


Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, and international development minister, Alan Duncan, were among over 50 MPs and researchers who met hundreds of priests, nuns, friars and vicars, to call for action on global hunger in a mass lobby of parliament in support of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

The video below gives a taster of the day!

This lobby is just the start, however! Next month the G8 arrives in the UK, giving us a real opportunity to tell world leaders to act.

What can we do?

G8 leaders are coming to the UK. Come to London and tell them to act on global hunger.

On 8 June, CAFOD will join with the other IF campaign members in London. The day will start with an ecumenical service with Archbishop Vincent Nichols, followed by a huge rally in Hyde Park with music, speeches and fun activities for all the family. We’d love you to join us for all of the day, or for any part of it you can come to.

For more information, or to sign up, please visit the website hereand don’t miss this opportunity to take action on global hunger.