CAFOD Emergency Updates

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Somalia update

One year after famine was declared in Somalia, more than 2.5 million people are still facing severe food shortages. Many more could struggle to buy or grow enough food over the next few months.

“Famine” is a technical term: it is declared when at least two adults or four children per 10,000 people are dying of hunger every day and when 30% of the population is acutely malnourished. Although the famine that struck six regions of Somalia in 2011 is now over, the situation remains extremely fragile.

We are working through local partners in some of the worst affected parts of Somalia to provide food and help people earn a living. We have provided monthly food vouchers to 21,500 people so that they can purchase their own food (including maize, beans and sugar) from local traders. This project is also contributing to strengthening the local markets.

According to the UN, more than a million Somalis have fled into neighbouring countries, usually because of food shortages or conflict. We are supporting refugees from Somalia in camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

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6.4 million people in Niger are facing severe food shortages, because of a disastrous harvest in 2011. We are working with our partner CADEV (Caritas Niger) to:

– Run nutrition centres for malnourished children
– Support cereal banks that provide grain at subsidised prices
– Organise seed fairs, so that farmers can plant in the next season
– Run “cash-for-work” and “food-for-work” schemes
– Support refugees from Mali
– Distribute food to the most vulnerable

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Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC update

Despite fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu Province, we have been able to get food aid through to people in desperate need.

We have pledged £50,000 to support families made homeless by renewed fighting between government and rebel forces in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

We are working with our local partner Caritas Goma to provide food in Minova, Kalungu, Ntamugenga and Kitshanga to 37,000 people forced from their homes. No international relief had reached these areas since the outbreak of a revolt in eastern Congo three months ago by a rebel group who call themselves M23.

The aid delivery began in early June in Minova. We are initially trying to reach pregnant women, new mothers and children under five with beans, maize flour, vegetable oil and salt to help supplement their diet.

As well as food, we are delivering blankets, sheets, plates, cooking equipment, buckets and soap to families who have fled for safety, as well as tarpaulin to help them improve their makeshift shelters.

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South Sudan

CAFOD’s Humanitarian Rapid Response Team has just returned from Jamam refugee camp in Maban in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state, where more than 120,000 refugees are living in dire conditions across three camps, as they seek shelter, food and clean water. The camps are approaching full capacity as new refugees arrive on a daily basis.

Leading the CAFOD team was Edema Luke Wilson who gave this report of the conditions he found at Jamam and Yousif Batil camps:

“The refugees are living in terrible conditions. They have set up camp on a flood plain, and so their tents stand in pools of stagnant water made worse by the fact that it is now the rainy season. With no proper working latrines, the rain will only make the hygiene problems worse.”

“Health aid workers told me that there is a high death rate amongst children under the age of five because of their exposure to dirty water, which has caused cases of diarrhoea, malaria and respiratory infections to multiply.”

“Several aid agencies currently supporting the refugees will be working together with the United Nations refugee agency (UNCHR) to relocate the returnees to alternative camps”

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Bangladesh update

We have pledged £50,000 to respond to floods and landslides in Bangladesh.

Heavy monsoon rains have caused severe flooding in parts of Bangladesh, affecting nearly 2 million people and leading to landslides that have damaged homes.

At least 147 people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands have been left homeless in the north and south-east of the country.

We are working with our local partner Caritas Bangladesh to reach more than 4,000 of the most vulnerable people in Chittagong and Sylhet districts.

“By employing people to carry out repair work, we are giving options to families who have been forced to leave their homes with nothing,” says CAFOD’s Paula Nyunt. “They can spend the money they earn on food or on whatever they most urgently need – like clothes or emergency household items. And by repairing water pumps and damaged latrines, they are helping to ensure good sanitation to prevent the spread of disease. Caritas Bangladesh’s quick response to these devastating floods is helping to save lives.”

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