What the Stations of the Cross mean to me

Rachelle Thevathas, CAFOD parish volunteer at Holy Cross church in CATFORD, has organised the Station of the Cross in her parish. She told us what it meant for her .

When I was approached by a member of my Parish to lead the stations of the cross as CAFOD parish volunteer – I was thrilled!

The stations of the Cross help me to reflect on Jesus’ final journey

Stations of the Cross at Holy Cross in Catford

Stations of the Cross at Holy Cross in Catford

For me the stations of the cross is a great way of reflecting Jesus’ final journey, and his great sacrifice; it allows me to evaluate my life and my choices and puts into perspective the greatness of sacrifice and fasting. At times I associate the word fasting with food – however giving up my time for something – CAFOD volunteering for example – or someone, going out of my way to do a good deed for another are all examples of fasting – I give up a part of myself for other people.

Discover how I organised the Stations of the Cross at Holy Cross

Don Lazaro's artisan workshop, painting CAFOD's Romero El Salvador crosses.

Don Lazaro’s artisan workshop, painting CAFOD’s Romero El Salvador crosses.

I gave a call to the Southwark CAFOD office to get some ideas. I discovered that all the resources were on CAFOD website : a power point with pictures and a word document to organise the Stations of the Cross. 

I decided to only use the leader’s notes.  On the day, we had two alter severs walk around the church, from station to station. Using CAFOD’s resources I and another speaker talked through each station – giving a bible reading that linked to the station, and a brief reflection where we meditated on our thoughts, and then finished each station with a small prayer.

I reflected on CAFOD’s project

Whilst doing the Stations of the cross in my parish, I was able to reflect on CAFOD’s project in Zimbabwe; the sacrifices the people there must undergo without a choice, really put into perspective how fortunate and lucky I am.

In what ways does Jesus’s final journey affect you?

This Holy Week meditate on Jesus’ journey to the cross with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Happy Easter

Everyone at the Southwark Volunteer Centre wishes you a very happy and holy Easter. Thank you for all your hard work this Lent.  


Resurrection by Sarah Cadwallader

Join us today until Sunday on the CAFOD lent calendar and on this Good Friday look at CAFOD stations of the cross.

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Wishing you a Happy Easter from CAFOD Southwark

A very big thank you for your exceptional generosity in response to the CAFOD Lent appeal.  The government matched funding scheme – which will double donations that CAFOD receives up to 17 May – has really caught the imagination of Catholics across England and Wales.

The generosity of people in parish Fast Day collections and direct donations to CAFOD will make a huge difference to  the lives of many people who suffer most from the effects of extreme poverty and injustice, and particularly the access to clean and safe water.  At a time when the price of essential commodities such as food  has risen dramatically in many of the poorest countries the value of the pound against other currencies has dropped.  This means that the cost of supporting those in need has increased significantly.  That is why the care and concern shown by our Catholic community is particularly needed and especially appreciated this Lent.

Many thanks  for all the support you show for the work of CAFOD when so many demands are made of your time.  Without the support and encouragement of volunteers and supporters we would not be able to do our work.

Happy Easter