Meet our Connect2:Ethiopia friends at CAFOD’s Ethiopia Evening

Ethipia evening

In Sebeya, in the north of Ethiopia, drought threatens hundreds of families who rely on farming for survival. The community is fighting back. Local people are building reservoirs and water pipes to keep the fields green and improve the harvests. Join Connect2: Ethiopia to stand with farming families as they struggle to overcome drought and hunger.

CAFOD’s Ethiopia Evening will take place on 3 June in Waterloo, where you can meet some of the people CAFOD work with in Ethiopia. They will tell us about CAFOD’s work bringing clean water to the community of Sebeya and how parishes here can link with the community and help them in the future through CAFOD’s Connect 2 scheme.

Meet our Connect2:Ethiopia friends from the community of Sebeya…

Abba Solomon, who is the Parish Priest in Holy Trinity Catholic Church, in Sebeya. He has served as Parish Priest for the community for the past 3 years

Tesfay Weldeslasse, who has worked with CAFOD on the Connect2: Ethiopia project for the past 4 years. He is employed by our partner ADCS (Adigrat Diocese Catholic Secretariat)

Tamiru Leggese, CAFOD communications officer for Ethiopia, who is based in the Addis Ababa

If you think your parish may be interested in joining the scheme, please give us a call on 020 8466 9901 or come along to the Ethiopia Evening to find out more. Details are as follows:

Date: 3 June 2014
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Venue: Romero House Pavilion, 55 Westminster Bridge Road SE1 7JB

To book a place at the event, please contact the CAFOD Southwark Office on 020 8466 9901 or email us:

Connect2: Join the Journey…

What is Connect2?

Connect2 is an opportunity for your parish to connect to a community abroad. It enables you to learn about life in that community – hearing directly from people in developing countries who are working hard, often against the odds, to improve their lives – and to build relationships with ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. It is also an opportunity for you to work together as a parish to show solidarity and support to those communities in other countries, and to really help to transform lives.

How it works

  1. Your parish will choose a country to Connect2. You can choose Cambodia, Brazil, El Salvador or Ethiopia (find out more about the communities here)
  2. You will receive stories and photographs from a community in your chosen country
  3. Over the next few years, local people will share their hopes, dreams, struggles and challenges with you through regular updates
  4. In return, you can support the community by praying, raising money and sharing news from your parish through photographs, cards and messages of solidarity

The money you raise will support our work in your partner community and in other communities like theirs throughout their country.

How to get involved

You can register online right here. If you need any more information, feel free to get in touch with us here at CAFOD Southwark; by commenting below or via our Facebook page, by giving us a ring on 02084 66 99 01 or by emailing



St James the Great’s Fantastic Fundraising

St James the Great Parish in Pett’s Wood has been busy over the last couple of months organising some wonderful fundraising events in support of the Connect2:Bangaldesh community of Kainmari. Roger Wright (Member of the Justice and Peace group at St James’) shared them with us:

On the afternoon of Thursday 14th March, our Brownie and Rainbow leaders organised a great session of Bingo for about 55 of our children. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and several rounds were played with chocolate prizes. The staggering total of £280 was raised and this was promptly sent off to CAFOD with our best wishes to Kainmari.

St James' Brownies Bingo

On Sunday 21st April, over 100 parishioners and their friends met in the St James’ Social Centre to eat home made curry and other food prepared by members of the parish. This event was organised as a celebration of our commitment to the people of Kainmari, with our community meeting to remember their community far away. Fairtrade products were used where possible. Guests gathered at the early hour of 4pm so that families of all ages could enjoy being together. The meal consisted of starters (generously provided by the local Rajdoot restaurant), followed by chicken, fish and vegetable curries served with Fairtrade rice. The recipe from Kainmari villager Mollika, which inspired the event, was also cooked.  Dessert consisted of Fairtrade fresh pineapple or banana. There was also Fairtrade beer from a local brewery.

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The hall was transformed with Asian drapes, Bangladesh flag colours, wine bottles wrapped with a map of Bangladesh, paper lanterns and elephant pennants. There was entertainment in the form of Bangladeshi music, activities based on the country for children and quiz rounds on Bangladesh and Fairtrade. The raffle was well supported with the first prize being a hamper of Fairtrade goods and several smaller Fairtrade gifts were on offer. One generous parishioner donated a number of CAFOD World Gifts as prizes.

Many people helped to stage this event which had sold out weeks in advance and great support was received from others with setting up, decorating, cooking, entertaining and serving. We received the sad news of Profulla’s death only the next day from CAFOD. Let’s hope that some of the £800 we raised for Connect2 at “Kainmari Curry Night” will be used to help the village in his memory.

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