Children’s Liturgy and Confirmation resources

On the CAFOD website there is a wealth of resources to be used for those leading Children’s Liturgy or Confirmation programmes.

Children’s Liturgy

These resources contain questions to help children reflect on the Gospel story, as well as ideas for prayers, songs and other activities. They can also be easily adapted to suit your group!

This week’s resources for the Fifth Sunday of Lent include, along with the liturgy, a photo resource and a colouring activity (which involves getting the children to all the things that they need to live a happy life and be the best people they can be – e.g. clean water, the chance to go to school, medicine, etc.)

All of these resources – including general guidelines for children’s liturgy leaders – can be found here.

Children's Liturgy


These resources provide support for you to include issues of global justice in Confirmation programmes for young people and include guides, activities, games and case studies.

All to play for

There are plenty of different resources to choose from, all of which can be found here.

CAFOD can also help you kick-start your Confirmation programme or to revamp your own sessions. Be it a masterclass on a particular resource, to providing background on Catholic social teaching (CST), or an introduction to CAFOD, all you need to do is get in touch by emailing