Catherine is a 17 year old CAFOD volunteer from Southwark Archdiocese

Handing in the petition at No 10 before Gordon Brown left for Copenhagen

Revisiting the CAFOD team for The Wave last Saturday was truly fantastic; I had a great day face painting and joining in with the march as it passed Westminster Central Hall, and was buzzing by the end of it all.

I was somewhat bedazzled (and very excited) by the prospect of visiting No. 10 to present the 55,000 messages! Once I’d managed to scrub the last little bit of blue paint off, I donned my CAFOD t-shirt and joined the other guys for the hand-in. Standing on the Prime Minister’s doorstep was surreal, but fantastic in that we were getting our messages across and, hopefully, getting them to Copenhagen where they’ll be put into action.

I think that the Climate Justice campaign has been a brilliant one. It’s exciting and, I think, is raising awareness of issues that are not necessarily always associated with climate change. It’s also meant that the topic is very fresh in a lot of people’s minds – somehow, the other day, I ended up discussing climate change with the guy that was serving me in a coffee shop! It’s motivated me to see what I can do to help work towards climate justice, and I’ve really enjoyed working with CAFOD – going on marches, walking along Downing Street and seeing ideas and planning become real events. Thank you so much CAFOD!