From Lewisham to Bolivia: a journey together

Jed Murphy, a Southwark Diocese Volunteer, spent the day in Lewisham at St Saviour’s Parish for this year’s CAFOD Harvest Fast Day.  (The parish is known fully as St Saviour, St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist). 


St Saviour’s Church, Lewisham

This Harvest Fast Day we were all asked to do something a little different.  And rather special.  We were asked to take a journey together.  A journey with Nicanora and her family who live on the inhospitable Altiplano in Bolivia.  A journey that begins in poverty and hunger.

The Harvest Fast Day talk took us through the steps Nicanora and her family will make over the next 2 years to create an abundant harvest for her family and whole community:  from irrigating a potato field, to preparing soil, building a greenhouse and creating wormery for compost.

And we were asked to stand alongside Nicanora as she starts on this journey by supporting her with a £5 monthly donation.   A gift that would provide the seeds, skills and training that Nicanora and her family need. A gift that would also allow each CAFOD supporter to follow Nicanora’s journey from beginning to end through regular updates.

It really was a fantastic story of how everyone can help make a difference this Harvest and allow us to share our gifts with so many of our sisters and brothers who struggle to get enough to eat.

And the response from the parish was fantastic.  We had so many people sign-up to volunteer with CAFOD and to set-up a regular donation.

And what an amazing parish.  Every Mass was absolutely packed, with standing room only. A wonderful and inspiring thing to see.


The packed interior of St Saviour’s Church, Lewisham

During Mass, Fr Louis even recounted how important he saw CAFOD’s work in his native Nigeria.

As a volunteer, visiting a new parish for the first time and speaking to a new group of people can be quite daunting but Fr Chris, Fr Tom,  Fr Louis and everyone in the parish were so welcoming.  A massive thank you to you all.



Always useful – a notice of our Harvest Fast Day Talk and second collection




How to transform a life?

This Friday, the 7th October 2016 we host an online talk for Harvest Fast Day from 1-2 pm.  You will learn about our work in Bolivia and how you can get your hands on with Nicanora for harvest Fast Day. We challenge everyone to open your heart and minds as we speak about our latest projects in Bolivia and how you can get involved.

Nicanora in Bolivia holding her harvested potatoes in a bag

Nicanora in Bolivia holding her harvested potatoes in a bag

We will hear from Nikki Evans, Programme Officer for Bolivia, about CAFOD’s latest projects in Bolivia and how you can help ensure that families can grow enough food to flourish.

Join us this Harvest day as we aim to start over the next two years a journey with Nicanora where she will work with our partners, to learn new skills in modern and traditional farming techniques. Register now or for more information contact Eleanor at or call 0207 095 5332.

See you Friday!