Together we can bring about change and save the world

CAFOD Southwark volunteer, Angela, shares inspiring insights on how we can all make changes to our lifestyle in order to protect the world and resist ubiquitous consumerism.

“It’s up to us to make a stand against consumerism”

Back in late 2018 as a new enthusiastic CAFOD volunteer, I attended an excellent “Countering Consumerism“ event run by CAFOD colleagues. Superb timing as it was just before Black Friday shopping events!  Among the things we did was a personal Ecological Audit of electronics, diet, transport, and clothes (see enclosure). I found doing this really helpful and resolved to think “need” rather than “want” when going shopping in the future. How did I do? Not bad but during the COVID Pandemic my purchases online did creep up…..

Fast forward to 2021. This is our year of hope that the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June and the COP 26 event in Glasgow in November can secure sufficient Governmental pledges from all Nations to save our precious home and God’s wonderful creation from climate warming and irreversible ecological change. 

As individuals, we really can influence decisions made in the world today. It’s up to us to start and make a stand.  I have re-done my Ecological Audit and am sharing my big decisions here:

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Laudato Si’ week 2021- “for we know things can change”

On 24 May 2015 Pope Francis signed his second encyclical Laudato Si’. Addressed to every living person on the planet it called for a dialogue about the future of the planet, Our Common Home. At the start of this Laudato Si’ week 16- 25 May Jane Crone from CAFOD in East Anglia reflects on why people of faith care about Our Common Home.

Aftermath of COVID-19 requires urgent action

The crisis of COVID 19 has taught us that life can change very quickly, our relationships and ways of thinking and living have been irreversibly shaken up. Knowing that the future will be different, we talk about ‘building back better or differently and of a ‘new normal’. In ‘Let Us Dream’ Pope Francis calls the time we live in a time of ‘reckoning’ but also a time of choices and opportunity. Reflecting on his own times of crisis or ‘personal Covids’ he says, ‘What I learned was that you suffer a lot, but if you allow it to change you, you come out better, but if you dig in, you come out worse.’

Read more about Laudato Si’ encyclical from Pope Francis

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Walking for Water in the hottest place on earth

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Or maybe you already gave up on it? It is not too late. You can still make a slightly belated one, and really make a difference this Lent. Learn about a young man called Abdella  who walks 10 hours every day to get water to his family.

Afar AbdallaAbdella is 23, he has dreams and plans for the future. Yet, every single day he has to spend 10 hours collecting water for his family… there is not much time left to do anything else after. Recently, Abdella was joined in his treacherous journey by CAFOD Writer Mark Chamberlain. Listen to the recent webinar to hear Mark’s vivid story, where he shares his experience of walking the 5-mile trek for water in one of the hottest places on earth.

He is joined in discussion by Ethiopia CAFOD Representative Teamrat Belai; MarkAbdella walking to the first water point-1 and Teamrat talk about the challenges facing the country, and what can be done to provide clean water in dry areas. 

Leading up to the Walk for Water Lent challenge (starting on Saturday 20th February), this special online talk  sheds light on why this issue is so important to us, and why we are coming together as a Catholic community to raise money to help end water poverty.

Why should Southwark volunteers Walk for Water

WFWShow  support to people who do not have access to fresh drinking water and help to end water poverty once and for all. This way we are fundraising as a Catholic Community  community to help end water poverty. Make difference this Lent get your walking shoes or trainers on and walk  10000 steps a day for 40 days of Lent – join Walk for Water

Join the Big Walk for Water

On Saturday 20 February, Southwark CPC’s will be doing the Big Walk for Water. Marine and Celeste will walk over 7 bridges in London and Sarah will take a walk along the river Thames in Kent. Perhaps you are taking a daily walk for exercise, could you incorporate he walk for water into that? Join in where you are to walk 5 miles, 10,000 steps or whatever distance you can manage. Walk around your garden, around your home, or pray the stations of the cross and follow the Lenten calendar to show Southwark solidarity with Abdella. Sponsor the Southwark Team’s Big Walk for Water on our JustGiving Page

Don’t forget to share videos of you taking a walk or pictures of your walks to or send a Tweet to @CAFODSouthwark or send a Facebook post @cafodsouthwark