Rejoice! Get together on Friday, 23rd February, to pray and fast

Marjorie Henry-Lawrence is a media volunteer with CAFOD, in the Diocese of Southwark – I am sharing with you why I will be attending CAFOD Family Fast Day on Friday 23rd February, at the Bishop Challoner School’s Chapel. 

Fast and Pray

Marjorie Henrie is a media volunteer with CAFOD Southwark

Marjorie Henrie is a media volunteer with CAFOD Southwark

What a wonderful opportunity to move from consumption to contemplation. Our fast will be a benefit to others, not by thinking ‘less of ourselves’ but thinking ‘about ourselves less’. To fast and pray has a transformative power, so do join us.

To go from the external stimulation of eating to the internal stimulation that comes from fasting and praying. For me, it’s a journey from doing to being – from action to thought.

Discover our power point to reflect on your lenten Fast in your parish 

Where, When, Why, Who –

Svondo, 7 years old, enjoying peanut butter. He is healthy. Thanks to CAFOD's partner who supported his mum, Marian with vegetables seeds and training..

Svondo, 7 years old, enjoying peanut butter. He is healthy. Thanks to CAFOD’s partner who supported his mum, Marian with vegetables seeds and training.

Where: Bishop Challoner School’s Chapel. 228 Bromley Road, Shortlands, BR2 0AB. (Free parking on Scotts Avenue, BR2 0LG).

Why: To reflect and share in small groups. To take part in a question and answers, as we rediscover the triumph of fasting, praying and reviewing bible passages alongside the Laudato si’.

When: Friday, February 23, from 12:30 – 1:30 for one hour.

Who: We are all called to take action in oneness and in love as we fast and pray.

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In the act of fasting we stand in solidarity with those who hunger – in so doing, we show our hunger and thirst for righteousness’ sake (Matthew 5:6). “Christian spirituality proposes an alternative understanding of the quality of life, and encourages a prophetic and contemplative lifestyle, one capable of deep enjoyment free of the obsession with consumption.” (#222, Laudato si’)

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From Zimbabwe to Battersea via a vegetable garden

Jed Murphy is a CAFOD volunteer in the Southwark Diocese. Jed went to speak at mass for Lent Family Fast Day last weekend at the Parish of the Sacred Heart Church in Battersea. Here, he writes about his message and experience. 

Sacred Heart Parish is a wonderfully vibrant parish located in the heart of Battersea.   It was founded in 1875 and is in the care of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Your donations made a difference

Parish of the Sacred Heart Church, Battersea (Photo: CAFOD)

Parish of the Sacred Heart Church, Battersea (Photo: CAFOD)

This year’s Fast Day talk centred on Marian and her two sons, Tawanda & Svondo, who live in Zimbabwe.  When Tawanda was growing up, Marian didn’t have enough food to give him. It was heartbreaking to see.   When Tawanda was a teenager, Marian had another son, Svondo. He was brought up on fresh vegetables, beans and peanut butter. Now seven years old, Svondo is growing healthy and strong. He plays with his friends. He’s happy.

And the difference? Your donations to CAFOD helped to give Marian some seeds.   And she did the rest.  She worked hard month after month to grow a vegetable garden until it flourished and provided food for her family.

Discover Marian’s story in a video

No child should have to go hungry

But the message this Lent is that no child should have to go hungry.

And this Lent our donations can make double the impact:  for every pound you donate to CAFOD, the UK Government will also donate a pound.

At no extra cost, twice the number of lives can be transformed. Twice the number of children can have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong.

This Friday go without a meal and give to CAFOD

This Friday I hope you can take part in Family Fast Day by going without a meal, or having a simple meal and giving generously to CAFOD.

The magnificent Sacred Heart Church (Photo: CAFOD)

The magnificent Sacred Heart Church (Photo: CAFOD)

During Mass, Father reminded us all that this weekend is the start of our Lentern journey towards Easter.  Even the weather seemed to point to the first few bright days of Spring on the way.

Let’s use this Lent to remember our less fortunate brother & sisters around the world.  

I wanted to say a very big thank-you to Fr Gerry O’Shaughnessy, Fr. Peter Pagac and Deacon Michael Kennedy and all the parishioners who made me feel so welcome this weekend.

As Fr O’Shaughnessy said this morning: ‘Happy Lent’.


Photo: CAFOD


A Peaceful and Joyful Christmas from CAFOD Southwark

Rohingya mother and baby - Buy them a gift for Christmas

Rashida from Myanmar arriving in Bangladesh

We would like to wish everyone a peaceful and joyful Christmas and to thank you for all your support to help bring about a fairer and more just world. We hope that we can continue to work together in 2018 and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Lent Family fast day briefing in Central London, Bexleyheath, Folkestone or Petts Wood.

Nalini, Eileen and Marine

Lord Jesus,

The angels who announced your birth
sang of  peace; and Mary your mother
treasured their words in her heart.

Today we strive to bring about a world
where all your children live free
from the threat of violence and war.

May we be lovers of peace,
givers and creators of hope.

We long for the time
when those who go hungry are filled with good things
and the lowly are raised high.

May we be inspired by your love,
to transform weapons of war into tools of peace.


Linda Jones/CAFOD