Speaking at Mass for Family Fast Day

John Sibley is a volunteer at CAFOD and an experienced public speaker. Here, he shares his best tips and tells you everything you need to know about speaking at Mass for Family Fast Day. The message? Speaking at Mass can seem daunting, but all it takes is good preparation!

What I learnt from speaking at Mass.

About five years ago, I volunteered to speak at mass and went to Romero House (CAFOD’s London office) for a day of training.

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One of our volunteers speaking at Mass

There are different forms of public speaking. Speaking on a soap box to shoppers at a junction on the South Circular Road is different to speaking at St Joseph’s! For example, teachers and lecturers are naturally proficient at speaking, but usually at church, you would not expect to be questioned during your talk as you would in a classroom.

Get some tips and ideas for speaking at Mass

Speaking at Mass: Keep calm and arrive prepared.

Public speaking is not easy and speaking at Mass can be quite difficult for the beginner with little or no experience. In fact, it can be difficult for anyone, with or without experience. The main reason for this is because there is little audience reaction.

But, if you keep your talk short and sweet without mumble or waffle then the congregation will show an interest by looking at you, maybe smiling at something you have said and afterwards giving their reaction.
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How water pollution affects communities in Uganda and what you can do about it.

On Saturday 8th of September, we held a briefing for all CAFOD parish volunteers regarding our upcoming Harvest Family Fast Day. Mark Chamberlain was in attendance as our guest speaker for this occasion, sharing his knowledge about the water pollution crisis in Uganda. Ian Heams, from Mary Immaculate and St. Gregory Parish in High Barnet, writes about his experience at this event.

Longora collects water in her village, Moroto, Uganda.

Longora collects water in her village, Moroto, Uganda.

“In a detailed and passionate address to CAFOD supporters, Mark Chamberlain outlined the essential nature of water. He described the vital choices that have to be made in the absence of this common liquid that we so often take for granted here in the UK.”

The issue with water pollution in Uganda

“Focusing on the plight of people in the remote northern village of Moroto Uganda, Mark demonstrated the reasons why this issue has become the subject of this year’s Harvest appeal.

Find out how you can contribute to this year’s Harvest Family Fast Day

Mark recounted how the village population had been reduced to drinking the meagre supply of heavily polluted water from a nearby stream. He told the story of how this situation affected Longora, a pregnant woman expecting her child’s imminent birth during a four-year long drought.”

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Invite a CAFOD education volunteer to talk at your Harvest assembly

Are you a Head Teacher of a Southwark School or teach Religious Education? Would you like a CAFOD Education volunteer to talk to the children and young people at your school about how they can live their faith in action?

Brighten-up our world for a Harvest School assembly!

Brighten-up our world for a Harvest School assembly!

With Harvest assemblies fast approaching, this can be a great opportunity to engage the next generation in CAFOD’s work and help them learn about the practical ways we can all strive for global justice.

Our guide to a Harvest school assembly 

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