Helping CAFOD achieve their goals.

Xavier, 17, Office Volunteer

Hello everyone, my name is Xavier, and I am currently an office volunteer for CAFOD. I am in sixth form, and I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Math. I am interested in a wide variety of things and like learning new things about any topic if it is interesting. I enjoy reading books (mainly mystery and fantasy), swimming and playing video games with my friends.

If you are also interested in volunteering for CAFOD you can find out how to here.

I first stumbled upon CAFOD whilst researching three charities for a school assignment. Out of all three charities, CAFOD was the one that interested me the most. CAFOD initially grabbed my attention because of how they used their link to the Catholic Church to enable them to help 100+ countries. They further ensure that they help people regardless of their opinion of Christianity.

CAFOD’s stance on climate change was also intriguing as they recognize how our excessive usage of fossil fuels is affecting the communities that are the least to blame. Climate change has always been something I feel strongly about because it will affect my generation the most. Images like the one below remind me of the little amount of time we have left to do something before we cause irreversible damage to the environment.

The image on the left shows damaged houses on a coastal community, after Typhoon Haiyan hit Iloilo Province. The damage caused by the typhoon was estimated to be $5.8 billion. Photo Credit- [REUTERS/Raul Banias]

The image on the right shows a secondary school used as an emergency shelter for 300 people in the village of Inhamizua and how it was damaged by Cyclone Idai. Many storm victims recounted stories of losing everything they owned. Photo credit  – Josh Estey/ CARE/ CAFOD

I have joined CAFOD as a volunteer so I can help them in any way possible. I believe what CAFOD is trying to accomplish is amazing; if I can help them get closer to achieving a sustainable development goal in any way during my time volunteering, I will be content.

You can find more information about sustainable development goals here

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