1st June to 1st July Celebrating our CAFOD Volunteers

CAFOD Portsmouth Blog

From 1st June to 1st July we are celebrating our wonderful volunteers with a series of online events so please join us.

CAFOD Volunteers month 2021

Thursday 3rd June, 7pm-8pm: Mini workshop- Great photo’s

Capture your volunteering stories and events. Learn how to take great photo’s to show the amazing volunteer activities you do, from bake sales, to walking for water and everything in between!

Also watch on catch up on Friday 4th June 12pm-1pm

Tuesday 8th June, 7pm-8pm: Fairtrade and climate change- how is it linked?

Coffee, cocoa, bananas and many other products we rely on come from small farms in countries already badly affected by climate change. Join Adam Gardner, Head of Campaigns at the Fairtrade Foundation as he shares the link between climate change and the products we buy and how Fairtrade aims to create better prices, decent working conditions and local sustainability.


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