Together we can bring about change and save the world

CAFOD Southwark volunteer, Angela, shares inspiring insights on how we can all make changes to our lifestyle in order to protect the world and resist ubiquitous consumerism.

“It’s up to us to make a stand against consumerism”

Back in late 2018 as a new enthusiastic CAFOD volunteer, I attended an excellent “Countering Consumerism“ event run by CAFOD colleagues. Superb timing as it was just before Black Friday shopping events!  Among the things we did was a personal Ecological Audit of electronics, diet, transport, and clothes (see enclosure). I found doing this really helpful and resolved to think “need” rather than “want” when going shopping in the future. How did I do? Not bad but during the COVID Pandemic my purchases online did creep up…..

Fast forward to 2021. This is our year of hope that the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June and the COP 26 event in Glasgow in November can secure sufficient Governmental pledges from all Nations to save our precious home and God’s wonderful creation from climate warming and irreversible ecological change. 

As individuals, we really can influence decisions made in the world today. It’s up to us to start and make a stand.  I have re-done my Ecological Audit and am sharing my big decisions here:

Ecological Audit card
  • I will only buy what I need by way of clothes.  I will make them last and I will not buy from companies using sweatshop practices
  • I will recycle what I don’t need to Charity Shops. As I work in a Charity Shop I can assure you that we have some fabulous donations and we love to sell your pre-loved goods
  • I will eat vegetarian two days a week
  • I will take my own bags with me when I go shopping 
  • I will walk as much as I can, take a bus or train and only use my dear old gas-guzzling car occasionally. I will save for an electric car
  • I am supporting our Local Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme, allowing greater cycling and walking opportunities and hopefully cleaner air
  • I will strive to keep my phone and computer going for as long as possible so no new upgrades for me 
  • I will not fly anywhere on holiday, staycation breaks in the UK will do for the next few years

Why not do your Audit and share your pledges with friends and family, your local communities, your workplace, your networks, your MP, etc?  Together we can create momentum and bring about change. 

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