Doing good Step by Step!

Water is one of the most precious resources which sustains all of life on Earth. We all need water in our lives; access to water for hygiene and hand washing is even more important in the time of pandemic. Yet, there are still places where water is scarce. We asked you to step up this Lent and help to end water poverty. And you did go above an beyond! Thank you

Hundreds of families, schools, parishes and individuals in Southwark, together with other Catholics in the country, took part in the Walk for Water and walked 10,000 steps a day this Lent. Even more of you sponsored them, or made a generous donation directly to our Lent appeal. THANK YOU! Together, we’ve raised almost £800,000!

Watch Christine Allen’s, CAFOD Director Thank You Message

Stories from the community

Our community did not disappoint. During the challenge we spoke with people who decided to participate in the challenge, and their stories were truly inspiring. We encourage you to read Hilary’s and Sophia’s accounts shared on our blog earlier.

At CAFOD we had a chance to talk to several members from our Southwark Diocese and ask them for the reasons why they decided to participate; their answers were truly moving.

Valerie during one of her walks.

Valerie told us: “I felt inspired to take up the challenge to walk for water when I read about it in the Side by Side magazine. It’s so easy to take it for granted that we have clean water at the turn of a tap, and its heartbreaking to think of all those who don’t. CAFOD is a charity close to my heart”. She is closely echoed by Julie: “To see people like Abdella, in Ethiopia struggling to get water for his family is heart-breaking. Right now, there are so many people who need it more than we do, so we should do something about it.”

If you have a moment visit Nick’s @nickcbabb and Paul’s @pwwhittle where you can follow their daily updates on the challenge. Nick’s story even made it into the the headlines: “My #walkforwater has made the headlines! Just the local newspaper of #Celle, Germany, but it’s an excellent article that puts the spotlight on my Lenten challenge.” The headline reads “Doing good, step by step”. Well done!

It is too late to join this year’s Walk for Water, but you can still donate to our Lent appeal.

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