“We have so much and there are people that have so little” Hilary’s Walk for Water

Hilary, retired English-Portuguese interpreter, lives in Diocese of Southwark. As a Catholic she knew and supported CAFOD for years; three years ago she became a volunteer in her local parish, and this year she took a step further and decided to participate in Walk for Water challenge. Thank you to Hilary and all the volunteers who took one step at a time this lent to end water poverty.

Hilary sharing her plans for the Walk for Water

Hilary grew up in Portugal, and this is where for the first time she learnt about water scarcity. Although she never experienced the real water shortages, she remembers when, during the holidays, her family stayed in a cottage without the running water and had to fill up the containers and drive them back home. “We had to be really careful with how much water we used”, says Hilary. “Water is the most precious thing in the world. You can manage with no huge amount of food, but you have to have water.”

This Lent, Hilary decided to walk 10,000 steps a day for 40 days, to show support for people who don’t have access to the clean, piped water and to raise money for CAFOD’s work around the world.

Ending Water poverty one step at a time : Thank you

Hilary was well prepared for her challenge – she planned several local routes and even came up with plan B – in case the weather was too bad to go far – she calculated how many times she needs to walk around her house in order to reach her 10,000 steps target. On most of her walks she was accompanied by her dog Eddie.

When asked why she decided to do the Walk for Water this year, she simply answers: “I wanted to do something and it’s something that I can do. I am going to try to get some sponsors to see if I can get some money for that as well.”

Hilary’s target was humble, she said she will be happy if she rises £100. Yet, her expectations were exceeded and she managed to raise a tenfold of what she hoped for – an incredible sum of £955. Well done Hilary, and thank you for participating in the walk!

You can still help Hilary to better her result by sponsoring her on her fundraising page.

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