Get crafty in Southwark

With schools closed, children spend hours in front of their phones and computers.  All of a sudden these little screens became the most important part of everyday life. They are being used to study and do the homework, but also to relax and stay in touch with others.

Read on to hear how a Children’s Liturgy Volunteer shared her passion for crafting with ideas which are fun and relaxing and and don’t require sitting in front of a computer (or at least only for a very short time 🙂

Maggie McWilliams Crafting Joy with CAFOD

 Check out CAFOD’s newest LIVE monthly online show Crafting JOY with CAFOD, where Maggie McWilliams, a mum of 3, teacher and Children’s Liturgy Volunteer, along with her co-host Bronagh Daly (Community Participation Coordinator in Leeds), share some amazing crafting ideas, last month the theme was Walk for Water themed craft and chat which is perfect to get us focused on the journey towards Lent and water poverty around the world.




During Lockdown many people are taking up new hobbies like baking, or gardening and 

Maggie and Bronagh Crafting Joy with CAFOD

crafting!  If you feel like you’d like to flex your creative skills or want to get the kids involved with making their own works of art join the next Crafting Joy with CAFOD.

CAFOD volunteer Maggie gave an interview to  Emma Gill on the BBC Radio Cornwall    Saturday Breakfast show. You can find it here at this point in the broadcast: In at: 3hrs:38 – Out at: 3hrs:47

Marine, Sarah and Celeste would love to see what our Southwark volunteers can do, why not send us pictures of what you make and tell your family and friends. Discover a new passion particularly with little ones.

Banana cake from Peru Crafting with CAFOD

When you have a moment why not check out the activities at the CAFOD Kidz Zone? especially the yummy recipes from around the world! Tweet pictures of your creations to share with fellow volunteers to the Southwark Twitter account: @cafodsouthwark or share a Facebook post on the Southwark Facebook page: @cafodsouthwark

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