A Busy Christmas Ahead For Parish Volunteer Thomas

Thomas Kimaru, Parish and office volunteer gives a glimpse into life as a parcel delivery driver and reflects on the gifts from God.

I have been having a good British moan about the bitterly cold weather, rain, and long hour I put in as I do my delivery job to about 80 to 110 customers every day. Ironically, these parcels are gifts, essentials, medical supplies, food, and absurd purchases.

Some of my customers are happily working at home, others have lost their jobs, a few are screaming at my “poor” service due to emotional breakdowns. Most however emphasize about the weather and long hours and are appreciative that I am keeping their households and businesses alive and working in exceptional circumstances. I get a lot of pleasure to see a satisfied customer get their parcel and smile with their eyes knowing what that delivery will accomplish in that household or company.

thomas Kimaru -office volunteer -March 2020
Thomas Kimaru

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So as I was planning the things to buy for my wife and family and remembered (from my diary) that I am due for confession every three months. So that you may know, Pope Francis goes to confession every two weeks but hey, I am just a normal well behaved delivery guy driving at 20mph.

It occurred to me that I cannot attend the Sacrament of Penance at confession because we cannot go to Church due to covid 19 restrictions. I remembered  my parish Priest Fr Gregory ,in persona Christi, said that a job or the ability to attend a course for self development is a gift from God! I did not have a job then for about 12 months and Jesus told me a job is a gift from Him.

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I had gone to confession because I was angry and impatient that though Jesus had heard my earnest prayer, fasting, prayer from friends, and some family members, He was not answering! Now I have a job and I can pay my bills, contribute in Church, buy food for the homeless  and even buy gifts for my wife, family, relatives and silly friends.

For Christmas I will be delivering parcels and looking at my job, food, clothing, shelter, health, family, faith, parish community, good and bad customers, delivery van, uniform, horrible weather, absence of war, tap water, soap, etc. These are all gifts from Jesus. Who am I to look at a gift  horse in the mouth especially if it has been given to me by my creator? Do you moan about what you have, what you don’t have, what you wish you have or all the above choices, a,b, and c?

Somewhere in the New Testament the Apostle Paul says, what can I boast about that I have not freely received from God?

What can you boast of that you have not freely received?  

Please go to confession as I hope to after Church opens and thank God for ALL His gifts including the horrible British weather.

Stay safe and may God bless you

Thomas Kimaru

Parish Volunteer English Martyrs Church

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