Virtual Prayers for Global community facing the Coronavirus

We are the community that prays together 

In the face of lockdown, communities have been pulling together to adapt and connect in new ways.  We’ve been amazed at how you, our supporters, have come together – whether it be through the facebook community or at the Sunday Children’s Liturgy – and we have lots of virtual ways to keep you updated and connected to our global communities.

Our First Virtual Mass

The Romero Cross in the CAFOD Mass

The Romero Cross in the CAFOD Mass

Places of worship were among some of the many places forced to close as part of the fight in tackling the spread of COVID-19 but thanks to live-streaming technology, the Catholic community can still ‘congregate’ during the lockdown.

Did you join us for our first ever live-streamed mass yesterday evening, celebrated by Fr Liam Hayes?  We hope you did and found it as beautiful and moving as we did.

In addition to the CAFOD mass, local parishes and Cathedrals are also live-streaming services throughout the week. Find details of virtual services in Southwark here.   

Praying beyond mass

Sister Concilia of Zimbabwe

Sister Concilia of Zimbabwe

Our Theology team have published prayers on our website for all those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

You are invited to attend our online prayer and reflection session, followed by a virtual coffee morning.  Beginning at 11 am, we will be welcoming supporters from across the country to join us in prayer and there will be time to break out and discuss afterwards. A great opportunity to socialise virtually!

Please join us on Tuesday 7 April, 11 am-12 pm – and remember your brew! Connect here at 11 am next Tuesday  for Prayer and chat.

Online talks: COVID-19 and the impact on international development

Supporting global healthcare workers

Supporting global healthcare workers

COVID-19 has now spread to every continent except Antarctica with confirmed cases in several African and Asian Countries where CAFOD works.

We are now hearing about the catastrophic situations that will arise if there was an outbreak of COVID-19 in developing countries with weaker healthcare systems, or in a refugee camp with limited handwashing facilities.

Through the church, we can reach communities that others can’t, you can find out more by watching the recorded webinar about COVID-19 and the impact on international development.

Final thoughts

Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger

Heard of any heart-warming stories from any Southwark parishes that we could share?

Do you have any ideas about how to bring our community together?

We would love to hear from you, lets stay connected:


By phone: Marine – 07710 094446 , Celeste- 07775 704 546

By Email:

Have a safe and blessed week.


Support CAFOD’s work- no one is beyond reach


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