We beat the Coronavirus for Sunday Mass

Marine, who is a CAFOD staff member and a resident in the diocese of Southwark, shares how last Sunday her family managed to beat the Coronavirus’s ban to go to church for mass.   

My husband and I wondered how we would involve our three children on Sunday for Mass. What was offered online was great but not easy for children to follow. As soon as we heard about CAFOD organising a children’s liturgy we thought it was for us!

The next Children’s Liturgy Live! session will take place at 10am on Sunday 29 March

We got ready to pray

Marine's daughter ready for the CAFOD's children Liturgy

Marine’s daughter ready for the CAFOD’s children Liturgy

First we told our kids to prepare the table. We thought of what was needed to make our kitchen table look more like a place of worship: we agreed on a nice table cloth. My daughter picked one that we have from Africa “So that we remember the people that CAFOD helps around the world” she said. Then we added a crucifix. My boys could not decide on the one they liked the most so we put out two of them! Last but not least we lit some candles and added a computer! We were set to listen!

We prepared our hearts for the Children’s liturgy

Marine's Kitchen table got a make over to be ready for the CAFOD's Children liturgy

Marine’s Kitchen table got a make over to be ready for the CAFOD’s Children liturgy

We were seated 5 minutes before it started so to keep the children busy and get their hearts ready, we asked them to write on a piece of paper all the people they wanted to pray for. They wrote the names of their God parents, grand parents in Australia and France, they added their own names, our family friends, the refugees in Syria and people who are sick with the Corona Virus. We placed all of the papers in front of the computer. We were ready. At 10 am it started.

A Fantastic Children’s liturgy

We were over 500 families  together. What an incredible experience!

Don Lazaro's artisan workshop, painting CAFOD's Romero El Salvador crosses.

Don Lazaro’s artisan workshop, painting CAFOD’s Romero El Salvador crosses.

Lynda, who joined with her family in East Dulwich, London, said: “We were all upset when masses were cancelled, so it was so wonderful to have an uplifting liturgy, which was an utter pleasure to join and take part in – we’re all already looking forward to next week.”

Jo Kitterick, CAFOD’s Head of Fundraising and Participation, said:

“Online sessions give families an opportunity to celebrate their faith in a way that is familiar, at a time when we are being challenged and asked to do things so differently.”

“During these tough times, it is so wonderful to be able to reach out to each other and to those who are feeling physically distant from the ones they love and their traditional places of worship – and virtually come together as a community and Catholic family.”

Join our next Virtual children’s liturgy

The next Children’s Liturgy Live! session will take place at 10am on Sunday 29 March  

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