Remembering our loved ones — Memorial Mass 2019

Remembering our loved ones is a great gift, therefore, in Novemberthe month of Remembrance, we take the opportunity to pray for and remember our dearly departed family members and friends. You are warmly invited to attend Southwark Diocese’s memorial mass on November 13 at 12:00 pm at Romero House in the Pavilion.


Why November? 

November is an important month in the Catholic communityIt begins with All Saints Day (when we remember the saints who intercede for us) and All Souls Day (when we remember those dearly departed). The month of November gives us the opportunity to hold those who are no longer with us in our prayers. This November, we are holding our annual Memorial Masses across the country to honor all our friends and family members who have passed.  

What are memorial masses and why do we have them? 


Each November CAFOD holds Memorial Masses across England and Wales to honour friends and supporters who have died.

It is often upsetting to talk about grief for fear of upsetting those who have endured the loss. Memorial Masses give CAFOD parishionersvolunteers, supporters and the public the opportunity to gather and celebrate the lives of their dearly departed. Throughout the years, CAFOD has been blessed by the generosity and dedication of our supporters. Sadly, many of our supporters have passed away and our Memorial Masses give us the opportunity to pay tribute to these supporters to mark our gratitude for their years of kindness. The Masses take place in most dioceses. This year you are all invited to the Memorial Mass for Southwark Diocese on Wednesday 13 November at 12:00 at Romero House in the Pavilion.  

If you can’t attend this year’s memorial mass, you can still join us online and watch the mass at home, by signing up here.

What is a Book of Remembrance and why do we have one? 

As active members of the Catholic community, November is the natural time in the year when we remember our loved ones. We also use this month to give thanks to our supporters for their faithful service. To do so, many churches keep a Book of Remembrance in which parishioners can add the names of their loved ones to be prayed for during the month. The names of our deceased supporters are also collected each year in our Books of Remembrance. It includes all supporters who in the last year have left a gift to CAFOD in their will, as well as all those remembered by a Candlelight Fund as a donation in their memory and all those dear to your hearts. We also add the names of our loved ones. The Remembrance books are updated each year at CAFOD’s head office and there is a section in which you can add extra names. 

If you would like to add a loved one’s name to our book of remembrance you can do so here

The Memorial Mass for Southwark Diocese will be on Wednesday 13 November at 12:00 pm at Romero House, 55 Westminster Bridge Rd, South Bank, London SE1 7JBClick here for a full list of all venues across England and Wales. If you have any questions or would like to set up a Candlelight Fund, please get in touch with Roisin Beirne at at 




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