Patricia invites you on a journey to care for your planet

Do you want to celebrate how you care for creation, and be inspired to go further? Volunteer Patricia is on hand to help you and your community to “Live Simply so that others can simply live”. 

Who is Patricia?

Live SImply

Is your community working towards a Livesimply Award?

Patricia is a religious sister of charity. She recently started volunteering at the CAFOD office in Southwark to help with the livesimply award because she believes the way we live is unsustainable.

She says “it is enriching to help make our planet a safer, better place to live. It feeds my soul to be part of anything that nourishes the planet, to help it be a beautiful, productive place for all creatures (big and small!)”

Read our LiveSimply Guide and help your community to stand in solidarity with those in poverty 

What is the LiveSimply Award?

Live Simply

“We live simply, to help others to simply live.”

The livesimply award is an exciting opportunity for parishes, schools and communities to put their faith into action by caring for the planet God has given us.

The award helps communities to live simply, to stand in solidarity with those in poverty and to live sustainably with creation.

Together, livesimply communities have encouraged people to start allotments, donate to local foodbanks and even install solar panels! Each community works where they can to limit damage to the planet and increase the planet’s beauty and productivity. In doing so, we live simply, to help others to simply live.

“We need to take up an ancient lesson, found in different religious traditions and also in the Bible. It is the conviction that “less is more”. Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, #222

What do I need to do to start the award?

  1. Have a read of our  livesimply guide, and then share your enthusiasm with others in your community. A small enthusiastic group, whether an existing CAFOD group, Justice and Peace group or a handful of people ready for a new challenge, is all you need to get started.
  2. Sign up online! We’ll then invite you to an email group with ideas and resources.

You can then start planning how to live more simply! This might be holding a nature walk, running a fairtrade stall, or starting a compost bin! Consider what activities your community already does.

What support is there for me?

Would you like to become a livesimply Parish, or do you need help with the work you are already doing? Patricia is here to accompany you on your livesimply journey and to give tips and advice.

Please contact her if:

  • You would like to become a livesimply Parish
  • You have signed up to the livesimply award and have started your journey
  • You have received the livesimply award but it is dying
  • You are an active livesimply parish and are ready to share your experience to inspire other communities in the diocese of Southwark

You can contact Patricia at or on 02033491947 and she hopes to hear from you soon. You can also find resources, more information about the livesimply award and a link to sign up here.

Creation Celebration

CAFOD Partner in Peru

“We are very grateful for the efforts you are making. Together, your solidarity and ours, inspires the work we are doing … to protect our shared common home.” -Jesy Romero, CAFOD partner in Peru

As part of your journey on the award you may like to host a ‘Creation Celebration’ themed Sunday mass between now and August, where parishioners will be encouraged to think about the planet and climate change alongside food and worship. All resources for this are provided by CAFOD in an Organiser’s Guide. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to host one!

All the best with living more simply, and don’t forget to let us know what your community has done! 

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