Gina’s Amazing Fundraiser

Gina is a 76 year old Parish volunteer for CAFOD who has been volunteering for over 20 years. Today she reveals how she raised £372 recently!  

Preparing the fundraiser

Gina 1

Volunteer Gina (on the left) runs her fundraiser at St Joseph’s Parish

For the last 15 years, Gina has been running a gigantic plant sale. This year, she grew over 200 plants in her home and then sold them at her Parish.

“It’s quite a commitment” Says Gina. “In February, I fill a couple of seed trays and scatter the tomato plant seeds I dried last year. Once they are large enough, about mid to late March I transplant them into individual plant pots.  This year they grew so big so fast that they were over 2ft tall! This meant I had to transplant them mid-April into larger pots. I had over 200 plants in my house. The greenhouse, the spare bedroom and the main bedroom were all a mass of green!”

“The greenhouse, the spare bedroom and the main bedroom were all a mass of green!”

Interested in making a difference to the World’s poorest communities? Host a fundraiser in your parish like Gina, using our online ‘how-to guide’.

Promoting the fundraiser and setting up

“I promote the sale in the church newsletter, and as it is a yearly tradition, people have come to know all about it.” Says Gina. “I then sell the the plants mid-may, hoping the frosts are over and people can leave/plant them in their garden. People helped me transport the plants to church and helped me sell them. We set up a table outside the church and tables with the plants inside the passageway to the main church hall.”

Ideas for your own fundraising plant sale

Tomato Plant

Why not host a plant sale at your Parish?

Gina is so inspiring. She may have been running the plant sale for 15 years, but she isn’t stopping yet! “My last priest always said ‘I think this should be your last year, don’t you’ ” laughs Gina. “I think I may do a smaller sale next year though. It doesn’t have to be this size- if you want to do a sale, you could do a smaller scale one. If you’ve got a local school you could ask them if they would like to grow some plants, or you could dig up things in your garden if you’ve got too many and sell those. Most people buy outdoor plants”.

The big day

Gina 2

Volunteer Gina sells over 200 plants!

“We started selling the plants after the Saturday 6pm Mass and then also sold them at the Sunday masses. There were lots left over so we gave them to the Anglican church at the end of my road so that none were wasted.”

“This year we sold them at £2 a pot, which is much cheaper than the garden centres and the plants are much larger too. We made £380 this year which would have been £400 taken but I took £20 towards the compost.”

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Host your own fundraiser this year!

CAFOD Volunteer Jon dresses up as part of his fundraiser!

CAFOD Volunteer Jon dresses up as part of his fundraiser!

There are so many fun, engaging ways you could fundraise to help the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world. Discover lots of ideas that you could use in your Parish, school or at work, from bake sales to bingo, cheese evenings to knitting competitions in our A-Z of fundraising ideas!


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