Primary School Pupils transform into Zero Heroes for our Common Home!

Pupils from Notre Dame school came and visited @CAFOD headquarters recently to become Zero Heroes, and to show how much they care for Our Common Home. They also presented a cheque for £107.38 that they raised during CAFOD’s Lent appeal!

What is a Zero Hero?

Zero Heroes 1

Pupils from Notre Dame school transform into Zero Heroes!

Recent warming of the climate is being driven by human activities like burning fossil fuels. We know that to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Going above 1.5°C warming could multiply hunger, migration and conflict.

A Zero Hero is someone who is fighting climate change! This might be by asking your local MP to join the campaign, reflecting together on climate change at school, or watching CAFOD’s video about net zero emissions.

Become a Zero Hero too! 

Why become a Zero Hero?

Climate change

Recently, the government has decided that they will commit to reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050, which means not putting out more greenhouse gases than we take in. We are calling on the UK to put in place the right policies as quickly as possible to support this decision.

We know that people’s lives in some of the world’s poorest communities are already being devastated as a result of extreme weather events and unpredictable seasons. By becoming a Zero Hero, like the children of Notre Dame school, you are helping to combat climate change and thereby helping the poorest people in the world.

Learn more about CAFOD’s climate campaign 

Prayer heroes from Notre Dame School become Zero Heroes!

Zero Heroes 2

Notre Dame pupils learn about climate change together

Notre dame school has a special club called Prayer Heroes, where pupils from different year groups across the school meet together , organise prayer and liturgy in the school, help with Mass and give occasionally assemblies. Recently, the Prayer Heroes came to CAFOD headquarters in Southwark, to meet CAFOD workers and to become Zero Heroes!

The children learnt about climate change and what they can do to help. They even presented a cheque to CAFOD for £107.38 that they had fund-raised during this year’s lent appeal.

Discover how you could fundraise in your school with our A-Z tips!

Mrs Naylor, the assistant headteacher of Notre Dame said:

Thank you so much for your time today. I was not expecting you and your colleagues to give up so much of your valuable time to speak with the children. It was a really successful visit from our point of view.

The comments from the children were wonderful:

” I’m going to apply to work there”

” This was the best trip ever”

” I learned so much today”

Thank you Notre Dame School!

Zero Heroes
Notre Dame Pupils present a fundraising cheque for £107.38 to CAFOD

We want to say a big thank you to Mrs Naylor and all the prayer heroes who came to visit CAFOD.

Sarah, the campaigns manager, said: “ I was a real privilege to meet the group of Prayer Heroes from Nortre Dame Primary school in Greenwich, the group were so engaged and full of really insightful and intelligent questions about CAFOD and the work that we do. It was great to see them transform in to Zero Heroes as well as Prayer Heroes and get excited about our new Zero Hero climate campaign for schools. We are so grateful for the amazing awareness and fundraising the group have been doing for CAFOD in their school!”

Why not use our ‘how-to guide’ to organise your own fundraising event? 

Why not fundraise for CAFOD in your school?

CAFOD Volunteer Jon dresses up as part of his fundraiser!

CAFOD Volunteer Jon dresses up as part of his fundraiser!

There are so many fun ways your school can raise money to help CAFOD support some of the poorest communities in the world. At the moment, CAFOD has to turn away 1/3 cries for help because they don’t have enough funds. Therefore, your fundraising efforts are so important and needed! You could organise a school dressing up day, a bake sale or a children’s quiz night! Explore our A-Z of fundraising ideas for more inspiration. Good Luck!



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