A huge step for the climate, but more to be done

Today, Theresa May has announced that the UK Government will make the commitment, by law, to reach net zero by 2050! However, this is only the beginning of our journey to fight climate change. It is still so important that you attend TheTimeIsNow Lobby on 26th June.

Thank you for campaigning!


A CAFOD campaigner leads a chant at the COP24 rally. Photo credit: Rosie Heaton

A huge thank you to everyone in Southwark  who signed Our Common Home Petition and campaigned for the government to commit to reaching zero net emissions.  The UK is the first major economy to announce they will make the commitment to reach net zero by 2050.

This is amazing news, and it means that all your hard efforts are paying off. Together, we have been part of achieving this amazing step. This is a time to celebrate. However, it is only the beginning, and so we mustn’t stop here!

The specific policies, actions and regulations dictating how the UK will reduce emissions are still to be put in place, and these need to be put in place as soon as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that we continue to campaign, and work to turn the government’s target into a reality, to protect the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world.

Join us in lobbying our MPs on the 26th June 

TheTimeIsNow Lobby is still so important

The Time Is Now Lobby

Lobbying our MPs is so important, to ensure the Net Zero target is met

On 26th June CAFOD supporters from all over the country (so far, 1275!) will be travelling to Westminster to lobby their MPs. If you are one of the 313 people from Southwark who have signed up, it is important that you know our aim has changed. It is now vital that we ensure everyone in government is behind delivering the target urgently.  We also are going to ask our MPs important questions about the best ways to achieve Net Zero. Download the new briefing now. 

This will include asking our MPs if they agree with:

  • Not ‘outsourcing’ our emissions internationally to ensure we are not asking countries least able to cope to bear our burden.
  • Scaling up low carbon infrastructure now rather than waiting for the impacts of climate change to get worse. This will cost much less in the long run.
  • Ensuring that Overseas Development Aid is not spent on fossil fuels but renewable and efficient energy.

TheTimeIsNow lobby will be a fantastic opportunity to speak to our MPs and ask them these questions, as well as time to campaign with other CAFOD members from all around England.

So far, we have CAFOD Southwark campaigners coming from all different constituencies, including but not limited to: Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Erith and Thamesmead, Sevenoaks, Greenwich and Woolwich, Beckenham and Tonbridge and Malling.

Join over 1200 CAFOD supporters and make your voice heard at TheTimeIsNow Lobby!  

TheTimeIsNow Programme of Events

Campaigners standing up for Our Common Home

Campaigners standing up for Our Common Home

On the day, you are invited to attend faith based and interfaith workshops in the morning (there are 11 different ones!) as well as a walk of witness at 11.30pm where we will show our commitment to the care of creation. Have you booked onto the workshops yet? 

Additional tickets to watch the Interfaith Speaker Event at Noon (in a separate room on screen) have also been released.

Then, from 1-4pm we will Lobby our MPs together around parliament, using the new briefing. Let’s tell our MPs we want the best policies put in place as quickly as possible, to end the UK’s contribution to climate change, and to build a better world for nature and people.

Have you emailed your MP yet to invite them to come along? It is important that you do this as soon as possible if not using this template.

Please keep campaigning in your Parishes!


We are still fullsteam ahead with Creation Celebrations and the petition!

Finally, your Creation Celebrations and petitions are still as important as ever, and it is crucial that we keep campaigning. The amended online petition will be out today and the offline will be on the website soon.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our campaigning work – there has rarely been an example of just how effective our campaigning and our amazing movement of volunteers and campaigners can be.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!

If you haven’t yet signed up for the lobby, register your attendance here. 

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