Get inspired by St Mary’s World Gifts celebration.

Unsure what to get someone this holiday season? Consider putting a smile on everyone’s face by purchasing a world gift. See how St. Mary’s organised a bake sale to purchase a community water supply World Gift. By advertising CAFOD‘s World Gifts, we can change the lives of those in need.

parish coffee

St. Mary’s coffee team enjoying Irish Coffees at their wonderous bake sale!

This past weekend, St. Mary’s in Clapham hosted a bake sale for World Gifts! All the proceeds are going towards a fund for a water supply for an entire community! This is a great way to get the whole parish involved and raise money for World Gifts. St. Mary’s sold cakes, brownies and all kinds of desserts that were enjoyed by all. They also had a coffee team on duty who were mixing delicious coffee to enjoy with their desserts. This is an amazing way to bring people together for the holidays and positively change communities.

A community water supply will cost £750, and will supply a constant source of clean water for many people. One example of this World Gift in action was in Uganda when CAFOD was able to fix a waterhole, provide the training and the necessary tools to Cecilia’s community with the proceeds from CAFOD’s community water gift. Cecilia says, “Now we have enough water for food, to clean ourselves and our clothes, and for our animals to drink.” World Gifts such as these will have a lasting impact and can change the lives of many.

Congratulations to St. Mary’s in Clapham, they raised over £600 at their bake sale! This is fantastic!

Check out World Gifts Today

What are World Gifts?

Choose from a variety of gifts to purchase for anyone to support those in need

Choose from a variety of gifts to purchase for anyone to support those in need

World Gifts are a virtual charity gifts that anyone can purchase. The goal of World Gifts is to buy a gift such as a birth certificate or the gift of teaching someone how to read, and the money spent to purchase those items will go towards a fund that supplies those things to communities in need. In return CAFOD will supply you an illustrated card that will explain how your gift has helped communities facing poverty.

Each world gift purchased are real examples of CAFOD’s work. Whichever gift you purchase, your money goes towards CAFOD’s projects to support that gift. For example, when you buy chickens, you support CAFOD’s work with poor farmers in rural areas of developing countries by contributing to our Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods fund.

World Gifts are a great present to purchase for someone who you are unsure of what to get. World Gifts can be purchased in honor of someone’s name. If you need some gift inspiration, purchasing a Happy Queen Bee gift for your grandmother is a great idea if she loves to garden, at the same time you are helping CAFOD support families in need. This would be a thoughtful gift for your grandma as well as a way to support the community the money is going to.

How you can promote World Gifts in your Parish

Anne's table at her Parish's Christmas market, full of World Gift information!

Anne’s table at her Parish’s Christmas market, full of World Gift information

Be sure to check with your Parish Priest before you begin passing materials out. The goal is to spread the word! It has been proven more effective if catalogues are passed out instead of left in a pile. Check out these 5 Steps to promoting World Gifts in your Parish

  1. Order a box from CAFOD with materials that will help you promote World Gifts by calling or emailing us
  2. Put a note in your Parish bulletin
  3. Put up a poster up in your Parish
  4. Speak at Mass. Ask Father if it is alright to speak at mass to promote the World Gift catalogues. Read off a case study for a few gifts to show how the purchase of World Gifts has changed someone’s life.
  5. After mass chat with people. Tell them about your favorite gift! Bring some pens in case anyone wants to fill out an order then and there.

St. John Vianney in Bexleyheath created a board to display in their parish! Last year, CAFOD volunteer Anne set up a booth at her parish’s Christmas fair. In the picture above see how she advertised CAFOD’s World Gifts with information, posters, and she had cards available for people to buy. This was a great way to spread the word and present World Gifts. Father Tom in Bromley has been promoting World Gifts and supplying small change boxes for donations at the end of mass.

How World Gifts have changed lives

Melissa, who has learned to read and write, and completed Primary and Secondary school with the help of CAFOD!

Melissa, who has learned to read and write, and completed Primary and Secondary school with the help of CAFOD!

One example of how World Gifts has helped those in need is a young girl named Melissa from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As a young girl Melissa lived on the streets of Mabanga, she was forced to drop out of school because she couldn’t pay the fees. Without an education, Melissa faced a bleak future. With the help of CAFOD, she was able to join a CAFOD funded school, she learned to read and write, and has completed primary and secondary school! She now encourages other young girls to go to school and she wants to go to university to become a lawyer or a journalist. With the help of CAFOD’s “Teaching Someone to Read” World Gift, we can help pay for literacy classes for many more children like her. A simple gift can change a life.


Get Started Today

If you would like to purchase a world gift today, check out our online catalogue which has exclusive gifts only available here. Or if you would like more information check out the website! If you would like to order catalogues or a box with advertising materials for you parish or would like more information please contact us at 0808 14 000 14 or email us at Order catalogues online here


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