Invite a CAFOD education volunteer to talk at your Harvest assembly

Are you a Head Teacher of a Southwark School or teach Religious Education? Would you like a CAFOD Education volunteer to talk to the children and young people at your school about how they can live their faith in action?

Brighten-up our world for a Harvest School assembly!

Brighten-up our world for a Harvest School assembly!

With Harvest assemblies fast approaching, this can be a great opportunity to engage the next generation in CAFOD’s work and help them learn about the practical ways we can all strive for global justice.

Our guide to a Harvest school assembly 

What do the volunteers talk about at a Harvest assembly?

CAFOD Education Volunteers are committed to inspiring children and young people in Catholic schools to understand and act on their sense of justice.

Volunteers work closely with teachers, priests and catechists and talk about:

  • CAFOD’s work in reaching to those most in need because of poverty, famine or war
  • How our faith supports such work.

Harvest in primary school

These Harvest assemblies will help your Primary pupils understand how to Brighten Up our world and be part of eradicating global poverty. We offer different activities through year 1 to year 6, that range from exploring what you would pack in a bag if you were a refugee, to our ‘On the Move’ Interactive experience.

Discover our Brighten-up Assembly for Harvest for primary school

Harvest in secondary school

We also have talks that are ideal for GCSE pupils or Sixth Form General RE. Our volunteers offer workshop sessions on the theme of water to help students understand how provision of fresh water transforms communities and lives. We also offer interactive workshops that explore the challenges refugees face on their journeys to safety by following a family on that journey and making decisions to help them reach safety.

Discover our Brighten-up Assembly for Harvest for secondary school

Maggie’s testimonial as a school volunteer

Three years ago, Maggie started working as an education volunteer and says: “I joined from a request at mass, went to a CAFOD information day, followed by a schools’ training day.  I started going out to schools talking at assemblies and workshops. CAFOD has great materials already prepared which is great visual aid for the students. The fun part is inviting a response from the children, which is usually well informed, often surprising. They think in very concrete terms and are so sincere and often very funny. I think it’s important to make children aware of how they belong to a bigger world than school and home and what they watch on television.”

How do I get in touch with a volunteer for a Harvest assembly?

If you would like a CAFOD education volunteer to visit your school for Harvest Assembly or at any time you can:

Tell us your three preferred dates and time, the name of your school and the name of a contact person. A CAFOD Education Volunteer will then get in touch to talk about visiting your school.

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