How Rosa Received an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis

Our heartfelt congratulations to Rosa! On July 4, she received an Apostolic Blessing from the Pope in recognition of her work as a volunteer for over 27 years. Receiving an Apostolic Blessing and dedicating so many years to the community is an outstanding achievement.

See how you can become a volunteer

What is an Apostolic Blessing?

The Blessing, sometimes known as a Papal Blessing is a great honour and is imparted on behalf the Pope. It can be given directly or delegated to the recipient; a great honour to anyone who receives it. Chris Bain, our CAFOD director has known Rosa for many years and personally gave Rosa her certificate of The Blessing. He then spoke about her work and gave testimony to how Rosa has been raising awareness about CAFOD’s work and campaigning on our behalf for global justice.

Rosa with her Apostolic Blessing Certificate

According to Rosa, work has been a way to live out her faith. “Volunteering for CAFOD has been a privilege, particularly speaking in so many churches during Lent and at Harvest time. Catholics are devoted to CAFOD and give generously to the Fast Day projects. It has been inspirational learning about the lives of individuals in the developing world who achieve dignity and self-sufficiency alongside CAFOD’s partners. Equally promoting petitions in my parish over the years has enlightened us all to the wider issues of justice and peace in our world.”

Thank you, Rosa!

We are truly grateful to Rosa and would like to say God Bless you and well done! We also give thanks to God. The presentation of the certificate took place at the Romero House’s chapel and was followed up by the CAFOD prayer ‘The World Can’t Wait.’ After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a CAFOD barbecue. It was a joyous occasion and Rosa joined us to celebrate.

How you can make a difference?

Volunteers are the life-blood of our organisation. The time they give us is crucial in helping CAFOD reach out and support those devastated by war, climate change, famine and poverty. Without volunteers like Rosa, CAFOD would not be able to continue with it’s amazing work. Every prayer, gift and action, makes a real difference.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, we can help you make a commitment that works for you. If you’re worried about giving time on a regular basis we can talk to you about flexible options such as short-term volunteering!

To find out more becoming a CAFOD volunteer:

  • call for an informal chat on 020 8466 9901
  • or email

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