Make your steps count for refugees and migrants

Discover some of the walks you can join in Southwark to add miles to Pope Francis’ Share the Journey campaign.  You can also find out how to organise a walk in your community and the other ways you can support the Share the Journey campaign.

Share the journey

CAFOD volunteer Share the Journey walk Hartley in St Francis de Sales

Earlier this year, Pope Francis launched his Share the Journey campaign. This is to show support for the millions forced to flee their homes be it through war, persecution, national disaster or poverty. In support of the campaign, we are asking you all to help walk ‘around the world’, a total 24,901 miles! Six walks have already been organised in Southwark and fourteen more are to come. Look at the planned walks in Southwark below.

See on our totalister how far we’ve already walked

So now it’s time for you to add your miles and every step you take counts! You choose the way – it could be a walk to church, or a pilgrimage. Perhaps a sponsored walk, or even a Kilimanjaro trek for the adventurous! For something a little closer to home, you might choose the Thames or the Medley river. Even a few steps around the pews of your church is enough. Pick your favourite way to add your miles and organise a walk between now and September.

Get inspired to organise your Share the Journey walk:

Annabelle and Rita enjoy their break during the Share the journey walk in Hartley

Annabelle and Rita enjoy their break during the Share the journey walk in Hartley

Bernadette walked a little bit less than 4 miles in Hartley on a Saturday and she said: “A thought provoking walk, i had not thought before of how many prople are in the walk around the world.”

“I felt truly touched that refugees have to flee their home.  I loved the walk but my legs are hurting now and i only walked 4 miles, imagine for the refugees!” said Annabelle, 12 years old,  after the walk she did.

Walks taking place in Southwark

Here are some of the walks you can join around Southwark to get inspired and organise one in your community:

  • Waddon, Croydon: 16 June – 10 am “A prayer Pilgrimage”. A circular walk “dropping in” to four local churches. The walk will begin after morning Mass at St. Dominic’s, Violet Lane.
  • Canterbury, Faversham: 23 June Join our walk with Our Lady Mount Carmel. A walk from Faversham to Whitstable, all are welcome. Please contact Una McCabe on 07961 326951 for more information.
  • Nonsuch Park, Sutton: 24 June – 2pm organised by St Clement’s Parish in Ewell. Walkers meet at the London Road Car Park entrance at the War Memorial. Find out more
  • Catford, Lewisham: 30 June A fellow parishioner of Rachelle’s is organising a sponsored walk for Ghana, please contact the parish for more information.
  • Around London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP): June 2018 – Join the loop walk. Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew, Hitchin is organising a pilgrimage around the London Outer Orbital Path (the LOOP) consisting of a series of prayerful day walks. More information on CAFOD southwark blog
  • Ecumenical Share the Journey Walk around St Leonards-on-Sea: 28 June. There will be four stages to the walk, with five Churches involved, Participants are welcome to walk as little or as much as they like, with public transport being available at various points en-route. More information on CAFOD blog
  • Coulsdon, Croydon: September a parish pilgrimage to Aylesford in September. Look out for the date, to be confirmed
  • In Maidstone, Maidstone South, Holy Family is organising a walk in their parish. Look out for the date, to be confirmed.

    CAFOD volunteers on their way to a Share the Journey walk to show their Solidarity with refugees

    CAFOD volunteers on their way to a Share the Journey walk to show their Solidarity with refugees

Other ways to play your part in Share the Journey 

As part of Share the Journey, Pope Francis calls on us as Catholics to urge world leaders to act with courage and compassion, to put the human dignity of people on the move at the heart of two crucial UN ‘compacts’. These will be agreed in September of this year. Here are other ways you can play your part in the campaign.

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