The successful recipe to raise funds for Refugees

Jo Buenafe, from Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish in Wimbledon Park is sharing with us the successful events they had to raise awareness and funds for the Rohingya refugees. 

Christ the King raises £3000 for Rohingya refugees

Rohingya Refugees arriving in Bangladesh

Rohingya Refugees arriving in Bangladesh

An amazing £3000 has been raised for the CAFOD Rohingya Crisis Appeal for refugees at a fundraising weekend organised by the Parish Music team and the Justice & Peace Group at Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish in Wimbledon Park. By donating to our Rohingya Crisis Appeal, the community from Christ the King has provided food, water and shelter to people in desperate need.

Understand the Rohingya crisis and discover what is happening when aid reaches refugees in Bangladesh 

Two amazing events to raise funds for Rohingya refugees


Music evening at Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish in Wimbledon Park

On a Saturday evening, a musical social evening gave guests an opportunity to:

  • demonstrate their music knowledge in a quiz,
  • listen to live performances by talented local musicians,
  • and have an enjoyable evening out with friends.

On Sunday morning, a cake sale was held after mass to involve the younger members of our congregation. Fantastic result and well done for all!

How will this money help the Rohingya refugees?


Message written by a child from church to refugee

Thank you to all who participated in the fundraising weekend for Rohingya refugees and contributed to the CAFOD Rohingya Crisis Appeal. Every donation will have an impact on the frontline of this crisis, literally making the difference between life and death over the coming weeks.

“The human misery created by such massive displacement of men, women and children under the threat of death is getting worse every day,” said Francis Atul Sarker, the Executive Director of Caritas Bangladesh. “There is scarcity of food, drinking water and sanitation… Many of them are still living under the open sky.”

The money raised can :

  • feed 60 families for a month,
  • or provide 600 families with water for a week,
  • or provide 100 families with emergency shelter.

We received 25 messages of hope for refugees, more than half of which were written by children and young adults, and CAFOD will send these on to refugees. Representatives from our local mosque visited our cake sale and made a generous donation.

You can do the same to help Rohingya Refugees


Emergency aid is being given to vulnerable families who have fled their homes in Myanmar for Bangladesh.

The suffering we have witnessed in the faces of men, women and children who have fled to Bangladesh must end. We now need your help, so that we can dramatically scale up our response and urgently reach more people.

Check out some ideas and resources to help you plan an event in your parish or community.

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