Interested in Volunteering? Come and meet us.

CAFOD Southwark Volunteer Centre is organising an Understanding CAFOD day on Saturday 20 May. Everybody is welcome.


Volunteers in action

We would like to invite you whether you are a volunteer or someone who wants to know more about CAFOD to join us at Romero House on Saturday, 20 May for an Understanding CAFOD event.

This workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about the work of CAFOD, at home and abroad. It is an inspiring day for CAFOD volunteers and people keen to become volunteers. It will be a stepping stone to motivate others in the parish in creating a team of like-minded people and to achieve even greater impact in the community!  These workshops are an excellent way for both those who are new to CAFOD but also as a refresher for those who are already involved, aware of CAFOD’s Vision and Values, of our work overseas, how we fundraise and use our funding, and our different volunteering opportunities.

You will hear from Mark Chamberlain, Corporate Communications Officer for CAFOD. He knows CAFOD’s projects, has met many of our partners and will share his first-hand insights.



You will also hear about our newest campaign Power to be and discover how families can lift themselves out of poverty through renewable energies.




Q&A from CAFOD supporters to MPS

Q&A session with CAFOD supporters and MPS


Finally, you will hear reflections on the UK general election and how it gives us an opportunity to speak up for the poorest communities and work together for the common good.

The event will run from 10am to 3:30pm with a shared lunch at 1pm.

For more information please contact the CAFOD Southwark volunteer centre at or call 0208 466 9901.

Book your place now!



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