Join us for CAFOD coffee and cake, tomorrow in Blackheath Village and find out about CAFOD Harvest 2016

CAFOD welcomes all supporters to join us or a regional coffee morning at St Mary’s / Our Lady Help of Christians, 5 Cresswell Park, Blackheath Village, London, SE3 9RD between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. All volunteers are welcome to find out about CAFOD Harvest 2016 and this years CAFOD Hands On Altiplano project in Bolivia.

St Mary’s / Our Lady Help of Christians, 5 Cresswell Park, Blackheath Village, London, SE3 9RD between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.



CAFOD coffee morning

Come and have a coffee and cake (or tea and biscuits) with the CAFOD community. CAFOD is inviting all its fellow volunteers and supporters to a friendly meet and greet in Blackheath Village on the 15th of September, 2016.  We would like to help our volunteers to prepare for Fast Day and encourage them to invite their fellow parishioners to Fast for Harvest Fast Day on Friday 7th October. This fast day preparation will encourage volunteers to set up regular donations for the cause from their local parishes which will all go to CAFOD to assist with the community in Bolivia by taking part in ‘Hands On Altiplano’.


We are very interested in sharing who CAFOD is and our work as a community through our local churches to aid our global crises as well as what we stand for, who we represent and our current and future events such as the CAFOD year of mercy retreats which ‘will explore how each of us can continue to live out Pope Francis’ call to be “witnesses of mercy” in our families, communities and in our world.’ This is an opportunity to remove yourself from the business of everyday life and fully submerge in a peaceful environment that will allow you to think deeper about your role in the wider community. There are multiple retreats all over the UK and they are fre


Meet other CAFOD volunteers and supporters 

e of charge. You can book your spot now and prepare for one amazing weekend.


Meet with our volunteers and share their personal take on fundraising and giving back to their communities and the church such as one of our current campaigns Speak up week of action  where you can have a chance to speak up for the love of the earth, our common home, and our global family.  Get ideas on how to get your local community or MP involved in the action.


CAFOD’s Great British Bake off 

Our past tea and coffee meet up was delightful and as such we would like to invite all of you again. Lucy from Canterbury claimed,“It was nice to meet people from CAFOD as I have been giving money for CAFOD’s projects but I had  never met anyone”. You won’t want to miss it!






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