Why join us at a Harvest Fast Day Briefing?

Lyn Goddard has decided to come to our Harvest Fast Day Briefing, even though she is not a Parish Volunteer, she wants to continue to support and encourage others at her parish St John Vianney.


Lyn Goddard

Get ready for Harvest Fast Day

CAFOD has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child we were encouraged at school to take part in various activities to raise money for CAFOD. One that springs to mind was the Matchbox Challenge – have you any idea how many sixpences you can fit into a matchbox? As an adult my involvement was limited to filling my envelope each fast day and hoping that, as a parish, we would beat our previous total.

Help us by fundraising to support our brothers and sisters during Harvest!


Lyn Goddard ready for a lovely evening

In my current parish I have worked with the Confirmation candidates, encouraging them to view the world as their neighbours by using a variety of CAFOD resources. Over the years we have held frugal Lenten Suppers and filled collecting boxes with monies earned by doing chores.  I have also acted as the contact for our Connect 2 link with Cambodia and the community of Samrong Mean Chey. Projects like this are a very good way to put faces to the people that CAFOD helps. If your parish isn’t part of Connect2 why not sign up and see how much difference supporting CAFOD is making to a community in another part of the world.

One of the problems with being involved with something over a long period of time is that you can very easily fall into the trap of assuming that you know everything about it.


Lyn Goddard in her beautiful evening dress

This is why the Harvest briefings are so helpful. They are a good way to catch up with what’s been happening with CAFOD in the preceding six months. Hearing about developments and future plans helps to keep me connected with our brothers and sisters many miles away and reminds me of why I am involved with CAFOD.  There seems to be a myth that the briefings are only for “official” parish representatives but this is simply not true. If you have a heart for CAFOD then these briefings are for you!  Come and see what projects and campaigns CAFOD are currently involved with and how you can help. Meet other like-minded folk and be inspired. I guarantee you’ll be glad that you did!                                                                                                               Attend a Harvest Fast Day Briefing!

It is not too late to book your place if you haven’t already. Please come along to meet some of our wonderful parish volunteers; encourage family members and friends to attend as well. The experience will be absolutely amazing and rewarding. There are various briefings you can attend. Even if you are unable to come, we will be delighted to see your friends and family there. All are welcome. BOOK NOW!

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