Why Volunteer with CAFOD?

Two of our amazing office volunteers tell us why they decided to volunteer with CAFOD.

Caroline Oliech

I am Caroline, and started volunteering with CAFOD in April 2016. Being a staunch Catholic and also a student pursuing a degree course in Community Development. I chose to volunteer with CAFOD for the following reasons; I wanted to do more since I am already a volunteer in church cleaning in our parish.


Fiona and Caroline

Secondly I chose to volunteer with CAFOD because, the values of CAFOD especially social justice, and strengthening communities coincides with the values of community development; the course I am passionate about. I am very proud to say that, volunteering with CAFOD enhances my studies especially when I learnt about why CAFOD was started, how it works; and the aims of CAFOD. The responses, helped me complete one of my assignments in my module called Organization and Leadership. I am very grateful to Paul my manager who gave me an in-depth introduction about CAFOD as I was lucky to meet him prior to starting my volunteering. He is always ready to give support to all volunteers when they need it.

As I continue with my voluntary work at CAFOD, staff members especially Eileen, Marine and Nalini continue to be very friendly and welcoming. Nalini to whom I am working with throughout the time is very patient and indeed a good teacher, she taught me how to update data and respond to various letters appropriately, and many others to mention a few.

Volunteering with CAFOD is one of the most relaxing, yet challenging experiences, as it equips the brain with new skills and knowledge one would never forget.

Fiona Young

I have recently come back to the Catholic Church after a lapse of approximately 20 years, after having been told, during a brief stay in hospital, that I had a shadow on my brain, which was later found to be a brain tumour. My husband and I were very alarmed at this discovery. We just didn’t know what was facing us.

After a couple of weeks after I had a chance to take stock of the situation I was sure it was time to go back to Church. God had given me the wakeup call that I needed to come back to his fold. 


Fiona and Caroline supporting and promoting CAFOD

While at Church one Sunday, not long after I had returned, little envelopes and information sheets, had been left along the book rails in front of our pews with the name CAFOD on them letting us know about Fast Day and the envelope was for our donation in connection with this event. 

When I got home I read the leaflet. I had donated to very few charities in the past and when I did, it was just to put a few pennies in their collection boxes or when I bought something in a charity shop. So I decided that I should be giving on a more regular basis and I felt that CAFOD could be a very worthy charity to give to. So I decided to have a look on the internet and after reading the information I filled in the direct debit slip with the amount I wanted to donate on a monthly basis. 

While I was looking through CAFOD’s page, I found, through browsing that volunteers were required, so I decided to make further enquiries. After which, I found that this office was seeking volunteers so applied. CAFOD was a charity that I wanted to support more than on monetary terms. I wanted to help out in a physical way too.

The induction day was very informative and made me realise that I had made the right decision in coming forward as a Volunteer. I am now helping out on a Friday, in the office at Shortlands, in Southwark Diocese, with a lovely little group, the office is not very big, of like-minded ladies. With Nalini being our main support and help.

I am looking forward to being with CAFOD for a long time.

If you are interested in volunteering with CAFOD, please feel free to contact us for more information on how you can volunteer!

God Bless.

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