Sadness and Celebration as Mairi Lutri’s funeral will be held on Wednesday 31 August.

This week in CAFOD Southwark our hearts and prayers are very much with Mairi Lutri’s family. Mairi Lutri from the parish of St William of York in Forest Hill very sadly and suddenly passed away on the 8th of August. Today in this blog we would like to celebrate her life and all her good work to try to put an end to poverty. 

Mairi was a person of great commitment and strength and she was fully dedicated to
CAFOD‘s work as we can see in the attached picture where Mairi is holding a bunting from Saint William of York children’s liturgy groups during the mass lobby of parliament

Mairi Lutri (002)

Mairi Lutri in June 2015 during CAFOD mass lobby of parliament.

regarding climate change last June 2015.  Margaret Cooper, a member of the Justice and Peace group in St William of York, has kindly agreed to share with us: “….A few words about my dear friend Mairi who died suddenly on the 8th August, on arriving in Sicily with her husband Giovanni. She was a very kind, generous and thoughtful person. She and Gio loved to entertain their family, friends, neighbours and, one Christmas, two refugees joined them for dinner. I met Mairi when we both joined the St. William of York Justice and Peace Group about 30yrs ago. During that time we took part in a great many CAFOD marches to raise awareness of issues such as poverty, famine, slavery and climate change. The last one was early this year “CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME” on climate change and the need for action to slow it down. We also handed out numerous postcards on behalf of various CAFOD campaigns outside our church.  Mairi certainly was a “DOER”, she enjoyed sharing whatever she had, including time, care and food with those in need. Her family and many friends will miss her very much and remember her fondly in the future.”

At CAFOD today we are sad and at the same time so grateful for the wonderful work Mairi has achieved to make an end to poverty. For all this amazing commitment Thank you. Mairi’s funeral will be taking place at St William of York in Forest Hill on Wednesday 31 August at 2.30pm.

Like every year we will be holding a Memorial Mass in November for Mairi and all other CAFOD volunteers in Southwark who have passed away and for anyone in Southwark  holding a candle light fund. Memorial Masses are a great way for CAFOD to give something back to our supporters. Over the years we have been blessed with wonderful, generous and loyal friends, and we take this opportunity each year to give thanks for those who are no longer with us, and to offer our prayers for them. Get in touch with us if you wish to know more 0208 466 9901.

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