CAFOD Southwark Pilgrimage in Hartley

A group of CAFOD supporters gathered in Hartley to take part in a pilgrimage to think about and reflect on the current refugee crisis.

5 ways you and your Parish can help refugees

Our lovely group of pilgrims gathered at St Francis de Sales Church in Hartley, prepared for a day filled with prayer, praise and reflection on the increasing number of refugees.

The pilgrims on their journey

“Before we set out on our challenging but rewarding pilgrimage, we had a well-prepared lunch generously provided by the parishioners at St Francis De Sales.

Write your own messages of hope for refugees 

“Once we had eaten our lovely lunch, we set off on our 3-4 mile walk in the magnificent Kent countryside of Hartley and Fawkham, where we were encouraged to look for signs of God’s love around us. As we walked in the countryside, we stopped on several occasions to pray and reflect on the difficult challenges the refugees have faced.

“When reflecting on the refugee crisis, we called to contemplate God’s abundant love and to share compassion with our global family. We learnt of the poor living conditions that a large majority of refugees have been calling ‘home’ since they fled their countries. However, we also learnt of the work that CAFOD and their partners have done; by providing essentials for the refugees and migrants to ensure they are made to feel welcome, respected and loved.”

The work of CAFOD and its partners has had positive impacts on the lives of the refugees, as it has helped them to get by each day. Nonetheless, we are aware that there is still more to do. Additionally, we signed messages of hope for refugees, which will reach the refugees towards the end of the year.

5 ways you and your Parish can help refugees

“After our motivating walk, we finished our pilgrimage at St Francis de Sales where we enjoyed a well-deserved cup of tea and slice of cake.

“This pilgrimage was extremely rewarding, not only did we receive a good work out from our walk, we also strengthened our connection with God as well as show solidarity with all those fleeing war, poverty and persecution in our world.”

Write your own messages of hope for refugees 

We would like to take the time to thank everyone who joined us on this satisfying journey to make it such a pleasant experience. Additionally, we would like to say a special thanks to the group of parishioners who provided refreshments, the Knights of St Columba, led by Frank Stanley, who guided us and kept is safe on the roads and to CAFOD Parish Contact at St Francis de Sales, Phil Kerton who organised all the logistics for the day. We all hope you had a lovely day!

Taking part in a pilgrimage is a fantastic way to enhance your connection with God, reflect on events which are occurring in the world and keep kit and healthy. We hope that the events of the our pilgrimage will inspire and motivate you to take part in a pilgrimage. Please visit to find more information on leading your own pilgrimage in your parish.

God Bless!


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