Walk for Water

Jess Michelmore reflects on her walk for water with St Simon’s Parish in Putney who raised over £1000 for CAFOD’s Lent campaign

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“My Parish, St. Simon’s in Putney took part in a Walk for Water, last weekend to raise awareness of the importance of access to clean and safe water in Uganda and across the world’s poorest countries. Motivated by 14 year old Proscovia’s story who had to make a long journey to collect water for her and her family, my Justice and Peace Group decided to build on the success of the Lent Appeal in our parish and act by walking and reflecting on the value of water.


Jess welcoming Parishioners to their Walk for Water

“Blessed with a summery Sunday afternoon, 14 of us gathered in Putney common and began our walk by talking about access to water in Uganda and reciting a group prayer to bring hope to our brothers and sisters across the world. We spoke of the difficulty of carrying water for long periods of time and made a commitment to walk with a bucket full of water and take it in turns to carry it so that we could begin to understand some of the challenges faced by girls like Proscovia.

Why clean water is so important


Carrying the water bucket through Putney common

“During our walk we paused for five water related reflections looking at scripture, CAFOD stories of hope and reciting group prayers. Our walk ended at the Thames River, a symbolic finish to our walk helping us to reflect on the value of life-giving water.


Stephen leading a group by the river

“For our Parish this walk was a significant way for us to act and show solidarity with the people in Uganda. It was a reflective, spiritual walk inviting us to learn and engage but also a great opportunity for parishioners to get to know one another better.

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Thank you to all those who took part and for St. Simon’s generous donations.

As a Parish we raised over £1,000 for CAFOD.

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