Art competition using CAFOD Stations of the Cross resource

Murcadha O’Flaithearta is a CAFOD volunteer and a very active parishioner in Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Brockley. With his parish, Murca is running a Passion and Paschal Art project, focussing on the stations of the cross and is inviting CAFOD supporters to be involved.

You are invited to send two artwork entries: one image of station number 2 – Jesus Carries His Own Cross and one of the Resurrection.

A girl in Uganda carrying water. Illustration for CAFOD Lent resources on the stations of the cross 2016

Girl carrying water in Uganda-Lent 2016.

Entries will be joined with those from churches across Lewisham as well as international entries. The winning 14 stations will be displayed at St Mary Magdalen Church, Brockley from Palm Sunday 20 March the chosen 14 Stations of Cross artwork will be on display around the church. Everyone who visits to walk the stations, will be invited to reflect on them with the CAFOD resources of the station of the cross available in the church.

On Easter Sunday 27 March the resurrection entries will be added to the display.

If you wish to take part in the competition, as a CAFOD entrant, please call us on 0208 466 9901 or sending an email

To enter you should create two pieces of artwork to be submitted by 16 March; one to represent the Station of the Cross number 2 “Jesus Carries his cross” and a second to represent the resurrection. Please take inspiration from CAFOD Power point on the station of the cross and look at the example of Teko Anna who carries her burden every day fletching water.

3 girls carrying water before school-Uganda Lent

Carrying water before school Uganda Lent 2016

The only criterion for each submission is an A4 sized artistic representation of a biblical basis for both artwork entries. There is no limitation to what inspires the applications, for example; the image may be a simple but striking charcoal sketch on white paper background, paint on canvas, mosaic or contemporary photographic interpretation. Each parish entrant is requested to have the following information marked: name and parish.

Good luck to all the participants!

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