STAC Charity Week – Day Five

One Last Push

Friday 20th March 2014

The final day of St Thomas the Apostle College Charity week arrived today and it has been a very busy and hardworking week. Today was the final push to raise as much money as possible to support CAFOD’s great work for our brothers and sisters in the developing world.

Beat the Keeperday 5

Mr McManus and form group 11.1 hosted a beat the keeper competition with a mystery prize at stake. There was only one rule, Beat the keeper in a 1-1 penalty situation. This was a knock-out challenge so many pupils were eliminated from the competition completely. Many pupils fancied their chances at beating the keeper, Alistair, and so happily paid the 50p entry fee to test their strike ability. Many tried and failed but some managed to successfully put it past the Year 11 prefect. Commiserations to those who missed their penalties, but well done to those who scored theirs in the first round, and an even bigger congrats to the participants who went on to score in further rounds. The biggest congratulation goes to Michael Samson who won the whole competition!

Sponging teachers soaks up funds

Mr Altamore and form 11.2 hosted a sponge the teacher challenge which captivated many students possibly looking for some sweet revenge on teachers who they feel have wronged them in the past with no repercussions. Mr Gould-Elia stepped into the hot seat for sponging and discovered the joy of many people who enthusiastically looked to soak the head of ICT. Even Miss Watts joined fun, paying for two chances to soak her colleague. Thanks to everyone who participated and bigger thanks to Mr Gould-Elia.

day 5 - CopyAfro-Caribbean food sale

Mr Eltigani along with the Young Enterprise Group put on an Afro-Caribbean food sale which many pupils were happy to spend their money on. With items like Oreo Milkshakes and Plantain Chips on sale, many students gladly gave generously for the delicious products and more importantly for charity. Big thanks to Mr Eltigani and the Young Enterprise group as well as everyone who purchased items!

Dominic Mensah

Your charities week roving reporter!


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