STAC Charity Week – Day 3

Consistency & Enthusiasm

Wednesday 18th March 2015

The third day of Charity Week began, and consistency and enthusiasm were the key to continuing the fantastic work of all the buyers and sellers. If St Thomas the Apostle College (STAC) are anything, they are persevering and determined. Exactly what is needed to support the amazing work of CAFOD.


Cookies and Cakescakes

Ms Atuona and form group 7.3 combined fundraising powers with Ms Stewart and  form group 7.5 to form a massive Cookie and Cake sale for the pupils and teachers of STAC.  Just like every day, many pupils were gleefully spending money on the sweet products on sale. Thanks to form group 7.3 and 7.5 tutors and tutees for their hard work on setting up and getting products for the stalls as well as the ever present students of STAC for purchasing items!



 Sporting for Charity

Ms Clyburn, from group 7.2  and Mr Shodunke, and from group 7.4 both hosted sporting competitions for the STAC pupils. Yet again, many STAC students were willing and eager to test their sporting ability in a basketball shootout which form 7.2 and Ms Clyburn hosted. Mr Shodunke hosted football, table tennis and indoor athletics competitions. Thanks to all the sportsmen who participated in the sporting festivities and thank you to from group 7.2 and 7.4 tutors and tutees who helped out.

Dominic Mensah

Your charities week roving reporter!


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