STAC Charity Week – Day 2

Can We continue?…

Tuesday 17th March 2015

The second day of charity week began today at St Thomas the Apostle College (STAC) and we had the task of beating the success of the pilot day. Today was no different from yesterday with many pupils wanting to join the festivities and help CAFOD continue its fantastic work for our brothers and sisters in the developing world.

Mr Lynch-Brown and Mr Charlery making sweet funds (picture below)

stalls - Copy

Mr Lynch-Brown’s Fair-trade Chocolate stand along with year 8 tuck shop ran by Mr Charlery were both very popular and made loads of money for CAFOD. With cheap and cheerful prices, several students emptied their wallets for sweets and chocolates. Thanks to everyone who brought items as well as Mr Lynch Brown and Mr Charlery for running the stalls.  You’ve done your bit for CAFOD and charity week!

Mrs Owusu-Ansah baking up some high funds (pictured below)


Mrs Owusu-Ansah bake sale was also very popular with many crowding around a table in her room to get their hands on the delicious cupcakes and sweets on sale. With a high stock to begin with, they quickly sold most of it with only a few packets of fairy cakes left over from a crazy 40 minute sale. Thanks to Mrs Owusu-Ansah and her hard-working students for helping out. And once again thanks to all pupils who purchased items!

Mrs Remis taking snaps for charity

Mrs Remis hosted a photo booth in her room, where students and teachers could take a picture with a selection of props for a laugh and for charity. With the booth being a bit slow at first it then quickly became popular among the students with even Mr Rowley and Ms Innis joining in on the fun. At the end of the booth, the money box was filled despite a location change from outside to due to poor weather. Yet again thank you to Mrs Remis and her diligent pupils as well as everyone who came to take a photo!

This event will continue throughout the week.

 Dominic Mensah

Your charities week roving reporter!

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