St Thomas the Apostle College Charity Week – Day 1

From Monday 16th to Friday 20th March, St Thomas the Apostle College organised fun and exciting activities to raise money for CAFOD every day of their Charity Week!

The College’s Charity Week Roving Reporter (and Student), Dominic Mensah, shares his account of the fantastic fundraising that happen each day.

We start with Monday’s events and will share an article each day this week to celebrate the school wonderful efforts!

big splash - Copy

And so it begins…

Monday 16th March 2015

The first day of charity week began today and boy oh boy did we start as we meant to go on. Many pupils along with teachers came and enjoyed the festivities from various form groups, and other hardworking pupils and teachers in charge.

The Pupil Proclaimed ‘strongest boy in year 7’ takes on St Thomas Apostle College (STAC)!

Victor has been called the strongest boy in year 7 so today he put it to the test against a series of opponents in an arm wrestling contest. The first contest was a draw with both men struggling to gain a physical edge to beat the other. But credit to both competitors for holding their own and cancelling each other out.

Next up was Muiz  of from year 10. After paying his entry fee, he sat down and locked hands with Victor. After a hotly tested contest, Muiz came out victorious against Victor and left happily with a cookie.  Next up was Rolex. Very confident in his ability, he won his match with Victor and also left the winner and with a biscuit.  After Losing these two matches, Victor went on to win two contests in dominant fashion.

Then came a year 11 by the name of Alie who challenged Victor. After a fierce battle, Alie came out on top. After came Mr Knight, our first and only teacher to arm wrestle. He gave his 50p to compete before looking victor dead in the eye before locking horns still with the tough year 7. After a hard battle, Mr Knight came out on Top.  All contests were thoroughly entertaining and a huge congratulations to all who participated!

Victor and Alie (pictured below) battling for the title.

arm wrestle

The Chubby Bunny Challenge a mouthful of fun

Ms Cooper hosted a chubby bunny challenge (putting marshmallows in your mouth and saying ‘chubby bunny’) which also enticed and entertained pupils. Many stepped up to test the capacity of their mouths with the atmosphere both comical and competitive at the same time.

Food Making Tasty Funds

Mr Ahmed’s Food stand, Mr Lynch-Brown’s Fair-trade Chocolate Stand and Mr Wallbank Cake stand all attracted many pupils with a sweet and savoury tooth. Mr Ahmed even had to send away a few eager boys as the food hadn’t arrived yet. As they say ‘the early bird catches the worm’ or in this case the lovely jollof rice and chicken along with scrumptious chicken wraps.

The Big Splash (pictured at top of article)… will be back on Friday by popular demand.


Dominic Mensah

Your charities week roving reporter!

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