Resources for speaking at Mass this Fast Day

Phyo_Kyin Nus daughter

Phyo’s family lost their business, the food they had worked so hard to produce and worst of all, two of her sisters were killed in Cyclone Nargis.

It makes a huge difference to people at Mass all over England and Wales if they can hear a short talk from someone on Fast Day. When someone speaks about CAFOD, it increases our support nearly 50%. A talk means that people can hear from the people around the world who benefit from Fast Day giving – our brothers and sisters in the world’s poorest places. So in giving the talk in a parish, you are being the voice for the voiceless and oppressed people in our world.

The Lent Fast Day online resources include some important tips to remember when speaking at Mass:

  • It really helps to prepare – read through the talk, out loud if you can, and get a sense of how it sounds in your voice.
  • If your slot to speak is very tight, an even shorter version is available at
  • If you need to edit it down at all, make sure you keep in the key bits:
    • introduce yourself, and CAFOD’s work
    • inspire people
    • invite them to give and to pray
    • and say thank you.
  •  Get to church a bit early, and sit somewhere near where you’ll be speaking from.
  •  Have a Fast Day envelope in your hand to hold up.

Find this and more guidance in the Parish Short Talk resource. You can also download this editable version of the talk. For more information and further resources, visit the CAFOD website at

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