Lent Fast Day is on its way

Lent Fast Day, Friday 27 February, is quickly approaching, so we would like to encourage you to get the following Fast Day dates into your and your parish’s diaries:

Wednesday 21 January
Parish contact Lent Fast Day pack sent out (If you haven’t received your pack yet, please get in touch with us at the Southwark office on 020 8466 9901)

Wednesday 28 January
Lent Fast Day parish Materials sent out, including Lent prayer cards and the special Matched Funding envelopes

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 February
CAFOD Lent Fast Day talks in Parishes

Friday 27 February
Lent Fast Day

Saturday 28 February & Sunday 1 March
CAFOD Lent Fast Day talks in Parishes

Life after the storm

This Lent Fast Day, we are thinking of those in Myanmar who were hit by in 2008 by Cyclone Nargis, the strongest cyclone ever to hit Myanmar (formerly named Burma). Over 150,000 people died,  2.4 million were affected and, as with many storms, the poorest people suffered the most. Half of Kyin Nu’s village were killed – including her two daughters.

It has been a long, hard struggle for Kyin Nu, but your donations to CAFOD have made a real difference to the community. By planting trees, providing animals and paying people to rebuild roads and protective embankments, we have helped Kyin Nu and the rest of her community get back on their feet.

Lent Appeal 2015: your donation doubled!

This Lent, every pound you give will be matched by the the Department for International Development up to the value of £3.5m including, most wonderfully, the first three months of donations from a direct debit set up for Lent. This means your gift will have double the impact, helping even more of our sisters and brothers around the world whose lives are being affected by storms, droughts and floods.

Spread the word and help to make all aware of this great opportunity to double our donations this Lent Fast Day, Friday 27 January.

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