It’s not too late for you to take part in the Christmas event of the season!

nativity pic

Taking place on Saturday 6 December in Clapham, our fancy dress, festive day out is back, and now we have mulled wine added to the line up to greet you when you cross that finish line!

Matthew Sanderson told us why he was back running for us again this year.

“Christmas comes but once a year and so does the sight of a gangly twenty-something running (or maybe walking) in search of a mince pie!

For the last two years I have taken part in CAFOD’s Nativity Run in Clapham Common; it’s been a great event full of festive cheer with scenes similar to what can only be described as an over-grown nativity play audition – shepherds swapping tea-towels, camels losing the hump – you get the picture.

It was early one Saturday morning when I was trying to fit into a reindeer onesie ahead of the Nativity Run that I thought to myself why am I bothering?

matthew reindeer

Reindeer Matthew pictured on the left.


Then I realised why I was doing it; it wasn’t because of the weeks of training (the only training that I had done was twice running to catch the bus home) – no, it was because in my own small way I was running to make a difference.

As we prepare for the birth of our Lord we remember not only the Holy Family but all families who are in difficult situations and remember that we are all part of one human family. That’s why I’m running, to make a difference by helping members of our family on the other side of the world and I know the mince pies and mulled wine will taste all the sweeter when I cross the finish line on Clapham Common on Saturday December 6th for it!”

Register here today or email for more information.

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